Sex 1
David Jay Jordan

                  Jesus's Dance of Unity and His Hymn

Because we are talking about sex, the abstainers and non-sexual types should understand that all scriptures
were not allowed for reading to the general public. There are over 70 other books for the more spiritual as
spoken about by Ezra and others (2Esdras ). Consequently the churchy church Fathers ommitted and edited out
many things, and only allowed the simpliest of milk not meat to pass thru as the verified WORD of God.The
Bible is true in spirit even though a few alterations have occurred to hide it's too graphic description of thetruth

Anyway, below is the DANCE that Jesus taught his disciples, straight from the ACTS of JOHN. The spirit tells
me it correlates perfectly with all other scriptures and therefore is true. It alludes to so many other things in
sacred geometry , numbers, sex, unity, ritual, etc. that you can find out about yourselves (if interested) So
allow me to get a blessing by passing this onto you, even if accepted by only one, and even if it only encourages
one to seek the Lord's truths further.

But if any readers are in a weak and fearful state or if you may think you know it all, you will be shocked to
find out you a almost totally babes sexually and spiritually. We all have so much to unlearn and learn. So
here's the quote from the Acts of John. For the reference, merely type in this book in an Internet Search and
within minutes you should find the complete text. There are some truly awesome and amazing and clarifying
parts. The young guy that stayed close to Jesus bosom, truly knew the Lord, and was truly loved by the Lord


Now before he was taken by the lawless Jews, who also were governed by (had their law from) the lawless
serpent, he gathered all of us together and said: Before I am delivered up unto them let us sing an hymn to the
Father, and so go forth to that which lieth before us. He bade us therefore make as it were a ring, (a circle)
holding one another's hands, and himself standing in the midst he said: Answer Amen unto me. He began,
then, to sing an hymn and to say:

Glory be to thee, Father .
And we, going about in a ring, answered him: Amen.
Glory be to thee, Word:
Glory be to thee, Grace. Amen.
Glory be to thee, Spirit:
Glory be to thee, Holy One:
Glory be to thy glory .Amen.

We paise thee, O Father; we give thanks to thee,
O Light, wherein darkness dwelleth not. Amen.
Now whereas (or wherefore) we give thanks, I say:
I would be saved, and I would save. Amen.
I would be loosed, and I would loose. Amen.
I would be wounded, and I would wound. Amen.
I would be born, and I would bear. Amen.
I would eat, and I would be eaten. Amen.
I would hear, and I would be heard. Amen.
I would be thought, being wholly thought. Amen.
I would be washed, and I would wash. Amen.
Grace danceth. I would pipe; dance ye all. Amen.
I would mourn: lament ye all. Amen.

The number Eight (lit. one ogdoad) singeth praise with us. Amen.
The number Twelve danceth on high. Amen.
The Whole on high hath part in our dancing. Amen.
Whoso danceth not, knoweth not what cometh to pass. Amen.

I would flee, and I would stay. Amen.
I would adorn, and I would be adorned. Amen.
I would be united, and I would unite. Amen.
A house I have not, and I have houses. Amen
A place I have not, and I have places. Amen.
A temple I have not, and I have temples. Amen.
A lamp am I to thee that beholdest me. Amen.
A mirror am I to thee that perceivest me. Amen.
A door am I to thee that knockest at me. Amen.
A way am I to thee a wayfarer. .

Now answer thou (or as thou respondest) unto my dancing.
Behold thyself in me who speak, and seeing what I do,
keep silence about my mysteries.

Thou that dancest, perceive what I do,
for thine is this passion of the manhood, hich I am about to suffer.
For thou couldest not at all have understood what thou sufferest
if I had not been sent unto thee, as the word of the Father.


So in the Spirit, this dance of love, and hymn of the Lord's love and passion
could be replicated, with real love for the

In His Service