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Lets go over the principles....
Principle ONE ...
Jesus is God and was from the Beginning and was the Creator.

Principle TWO, sex was created full, complete and ready to go when He created Adam and a beautiful sexy Eve.
Without a marriage ceremony, He told them to make love and reproduce. In other words have sex....to recreate what the
Lord originally created.

The Lord created all things and then created the method to recreate all living things.

It didn't take billions of years of trial and error in getting it in and functioning, it just worked by design from the
BEGINNING. There was no evolutionary beneficial mutations that created sex little by little til all the right features
and projections were fully functional and erect. SEE
Evolution is a LIE THREAD as it has been proven beyond a
shadow of any doubt.
Creation and Design is a PRINCIPLE.

For, sex was created by design by the Designer and that for more than just procreation but for recreation and
unification as well.

And they all said, or at least the wise ones among them said... Amen Praise the Lord, for He is Good,
Jesus created Sex