David Jay Jordan's

                         JESUS, 888 and 111

The Lord’s name in Greek is spelled I,E,O,U, with an S on the end. And because the Greek language like
the Hebrew language is of divine origin it also is alphanumeric, meaning the additions of its letters can
represent or equal the thing named as well.

This is said to occur because the Lord as the Creator created everything from the unfolding of His All-
powerful Name from ONE to many, and as we should know this is scriptural. In other words, with addition
and multiplication, just as in sexual expansion, it goes from ONE to all the other numbers and even creates
PHI expansion via the
Fibornacci Numbers and the Golden Section itself.

And so adding up the values of each of the letters of the Lord’s name in Greek, IEOUS, gives us
10+8+200+70+400+200 which equals 888. that’s an interesting number, but what does it mean and how
does it relate.

Well if you look at the Word CHRIST in Greek its gematria adds up to 1480 and Son of Man an another
word for Christ, its gematria adds up to 2960, and so just like in music if you go down the scale far enough
there is a convergence of their numbers at 8880.

This is the number some of the Christians called the RAISED JESUS Number   -----8880.  It’s
                         Rasied Jesus        Fine Structure Constant
10 x 888  (Jesus)           = 8880          = 74 x 12
6 x 1480  (Christ)          = 8880          = 74 x 20
3 x 2960  (Son of Man)  = 8880          = 74 x 40

See how they are all factors of 8880. “Sure, sure Jay, but that doesn’t mean anything, big deal !!â€�,  
some might be saying. But do notice above that 8880 is also factored by 37, and 37 is the
Fine Constant
Structure of Physics fame, as it is the point between the spiritual and physical world. SEE Theory of
Everything Equations for all the correlations to 37 and 74. Is this also coincidence ?

And is it also coincidence that 888 - JESUS is divisible by 8 producing 111, and the 8880 - RAISED JESUS
is  divisible by 80 also producing 111 ?  Coincidence --Absolutely Not !!

For remember we tentatively proved that 111 is the exact frequency before the Throne and before we reach the
Lord of Lords. (SEE
27,28,29 Steps to the Lord) Our voices are at 108 hertz, His Earth at 110 hertz, and then
at 111 hertz is the spark between Him and us. You might say, “Spiritual double talk� but didn’t the
Templars who knew the secrets of the Lord, also encode 111 luminations around the circumference of their
sacred architecture and mysteries Chartres in France.

Are all these things and numbers coincidences
that just happen to co-relate just as in musical
harmony (SEE
Harmony) For again with a circle
of 74, the next harmony would be 111 if it was
doubled according to sacred geometry or musical



And eight octaves down the road, it blends in perfectly with Jesus or with the raised JESUS eighty octaves
away, as all things have to co-relate with His name because all things came from the unfolding of His Name.
And besides, it seems that His Most Scared Name, the Pentagrammaton has a number of 444, which obviously
relates to 888, as well as 111. (SEE
Pentagrammaton and 444).

Do the numbers match ---in my opinion ---- they do  !


PS) For an interesting site concerning some of this, go to
The Mysteries of Christianity although I disagree
with parts of it
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