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O.K. Here is probably the only other reference to 'that prophet' prophesied by Moses to follow him and have to deal with the
exact same things Moses had to deal with.

John 6
14Then those men, when they had seen the miracle that Jesus did, said, This is of a truth that prophet that should come into
the world.
15When Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force, to make him a king, he departed again into a
mountain himself alone.

So Jesus not being 'that prophet who would become a king to the Lord's people got away from them because in truth that
prophet, or our prophet of the End Time will become our King of our New Nation....a spiritual nation, a real people who have
gathered together and cohesively work together in our exodus. of course we have to have leadership, we are not going to wander
around without design and unity and leadership.

We shall fulfill prophesy in HIS TIME and He shall provide us with a Moses, and a David....an End Time King.

Jesus is our King of Kings and does not take over until after His 2nd Coming and on His RETURN to rule the Earth in the

Researching out loud and on-line, lets progress..

Wait a minute, some of you must be saying.... it gives the geneology background of Jesus in Mathew....and says right off that
Jesus was the son of David.

Yes it does, as that is a mistake of Mathew. So deal with it because Mathew thought Jesus was the son of David, and
contradicts himself. Because then Jesus could not come divinely, through an immaculate conception but was just a product of
love making between Joseph and Mary.

You can not have it both ways !!! Jesus was either man and a mere stepping stone to the Father or JESUS was God and there
was a miraculous birth with the Holy Spirit impregnating Mary. Take your choice.

Mine is obvious ... http://www.davidjayjordan.com/JesusisGod.html

Yet read it more closely... for after verse 1 of Mathew 1, Mathew wrote and said

16And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

In other words, he switched the geneology over to Mary because Jesus was born of Mary but had no genes of Joseph. Joseph
was not his father !!!!!!

Therefore Jesus was not a son of david, and was not the prophesied to come 'Son of David' that would again rule the kingdom
of the Lord. The Jews knew their scriptures and knew a messiah was coming. They wanted the physical KING to rid them of
bondage to Rome, but the Lord came as their spiritual king and MESSIAH, and so they rejected him because they only wanted
physical deliverance and not spiritual deliverance.

They wanted an earthly King, the prophesied End Time King David ..... and so rejected the meek humble JESUS, who
happenned to be GOD INCARNATE and absolutely ALMIGHTY and ALL-POWERFULL.

O.K. so why waste space concerning the direct lineage of Jesus' step father Joseph ?

Why because the lineage of King David to the End Time King David went through Joseph !!! There is no other explanation.

It wasn't Jesus !! As Jesus had no kids and besides we are all his children anyway...as He is the Creator and the Father of us all
and of all generations and races.


But Joseph after Jesus' birth did enter into Mary and make her pregnant many times, as Jesus did have many step brothers and
sisters in the flesh.

Hmmmmm... so which one do you think carried on with the davidic lineage to the End Time King david straight from the
original loins of King David of Old. Which brother do you think was in the lineage, which one believed and followed the
Messiah and Delieverer, even though he was their own literal half brother.

I say JAMES, brother of Jesus.

For it was James, brother of Jesus that became a leader in the early church.

Do the research and connect up the dots, even as you research further how we shall not be left leaderless in the End Time and
that we do have a great great great Christian heritage and lineage back to all the believers of all time.
James, step brother of Jesus is in our Lineage