Issac's Newton's Seven Year Prophecy
Issac Newton was a great scientist because he listened to the Lord and from Him was taught the great secrets of the  Universes
Mathematics.. How is that possible, well the Lord set up these patterns of rotation and revolution of the planets etc... right from
the Beginning of Creation. SEE
Christian Scientists. And yet many don't know it, but Newton's last 50 years of his life, he
devoted it to studying and trying to figure out the prophecies of Daniel..His papers have just recently been discovered, so
although these prophecies were not meant for Issac and his time frame but upon us, in the End is very interesting and
confirming to see that Issac,  confirmed through simple math, that we are in the End Time.

 He may not have gotten it exactly correct because of the variance of counting by years can be out by plus or minus one year
depending on whether you count a day or a year at its beginning or its completion. Nevertheless, let's go over and study what he
proportedly worked out and see if it correlates to what we have gotten from the Lord.

 For remember Daniel said, his words would not be fully opened up until the End Time just before their fulfillment. because we
in the End Time would need to know in advance the scenario of events and their timing.

Daniel 12:4  But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and
knowledge shall be increased.

 Issac knew that there had to be seven lunar years before the Lord's Coming ( 360 x 7 = 2520 days ). The Last seven years of
Daniel being the basic framework of all prophecy study and understanding. Seven years being 1260 days plus 1260 days in 42
lunar months or seven years. SEE
Daniel Timeline below......Seven years being the  This is definitely literal as mentioned in
Revelations, with this seven year period broken up into two parts. The first part starting with a Mid Eeast Covenant and then
this Covenant broken by the Anti-Christ in the middle after 1260 literal days, and then the seven year period ending in Great
Tribulation of another 1260 days literally.

But Issac rather than using a literal interpretation of a day equaling a literal day, figured out a secondary fulfillment via a DAY
equals a YEAR. This possible because the Lord's prophecy can have different fulfillments that can ALL mesh together in His

Issac suggesting that the starting point of the Last Seven Years was the end of the Babylonian captivity up until the End Time.
He or others thinking 515 B.C was this point in history, whereas the tried and proven accepted date that fits all other prophecies
of Daniel, including the
COMING of the Messiah puts it at 516. B.C. So allow me to use that year rather than 515 as did Issac or
other interpreters. For again realise that Issas secondary prophecy is surely there just to give us secondary confirming proofs that
we are in the End Time, rather than the exact dates that we shall be confirming in our END TIME.

So adding 1260 years to 516 B.C. yields 745 the mid point of these calculations, and because Revelations and Daniel
dictate that at this point in the literal day=day calculation, the AC breaks the covenant and establishes himself as the Great
Apostate Ruler. Issac figured that the establishment of Islam worldwide and the establishment of Papal rule through governments
such as France paralleled these verses of Daniel 9. For in this regard Issac was right. In and around 745 A.D.. there was a great
apostasy developing. Add another, 1260 years to 745 A.D and it brings the Daniel calculations to 2005 A.D..
(Do note that there was no year 0 and so from 1 BC to 1 AD, there was only one year rather than two).

Consequently, Issac's secondary fulfillment DOES in fact come very close with the other prophecies of the LORD. It wasn't for
Issac's time period to understand the complete Daniel timeline, for they were not to go thru it, as we are going to do. And yet, the
Lord seems to have spoken to the great mathematician Issac Newton, our Christian brother, to confirm prophecy... but not of the
Lord's Coming, but of the start of the Great TRIBULATION.
Do the research yourself, and add up the days and years as the Lord directed us to do, and see what you get. .....  
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