Can I suggest that the Lord is in favour of one on one marriages as a start to our learning about love.

If you ask me, polyamoury is fine after we have learned the lessons of love, life and sacrifice with our FIRST and ALWAYS wife.
She being called the 'wife of our youth' who we are suppose not to ever divorce or leave. For if the Lord has put us together let no
manor future woman ever separate us.

The Lord says, Leave our father and mother and join with our wife as ONE. He never intended that our first marriage by
polyamoury and stay that way. For with polyamoury, there is no designated father or mother. And every child needs a specific
father and mother.

For if the Lord is for anything it is for fruit, multiplication, CHILDREN and their proper upbringing in a loving home. And the
best home is and always will be a 1 on 1 marriage of husband and wifes. Other possibilities can make do, but the best possible
sacred group is a sacred marriage of one husband and one wife.

And besides, the way to truly learn responsibility and real sacrifical love is through a long term united relationship in the
upbringing of children. Sex is great and a great pleasure and more, but it is not the aim of the Lord, whereas bringing new life to
maturity is.

He will give us all kinds of new freedoms and pleasures AFTER we have proven faithful and true in a one on one relationship, but
seldom does he do this before then. That's the way I see it, and that's what I have basically seen with most of the sexually free.
They have basically all, tried their best in rasing children and after they have flown the coup, then they can reap their reward of
more and different types of sex and different types of relationships.

So excuse me if I am a believer in the first wife and the wife of our youth, and the honour and dignity of starting with a
monogamous relationship until we reach the maturity level in takes to bring others into our stable relationship of love. We are to
ADD, not subtract and take away. Be fruitful and multiply... and add after we learn the lessons of love in monogamy and sacrifice
for others.

Just my thoughts..... now let's start adding, even if it is a single brother or sister to our marriages that can take the weight of a new
partner in true love.


David Jay Jordan
In Praise of 1 0n 1 Marriage
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