David Jay Jordan's

If in this life only

If in this life only we have hope in Christ, then we of all men are most miserable. You may not think this verse is that
encouraging as it doesn't talk about the 'good life with the Lord' And doesn't talk about the joy and happiness and love
and laughter, wealth and fame that some people dream about with the Lord.

But to me, it's inspiring and encouraging because if this is it, then I say it 'ain't worth it'. If this is all there is, then we are of
all men and women most miserable. But I'm looking forward to the times ahead, when we will be in the action and more of
the fray.

Right now, I really don't have the desire to associate to the extreme with just party goers. I don't even have the passion to
go fishing as much as I use to. I'd love to, but there's just no time. I'd love to go golfing, but it takes four whole hours and I
don't have time. We'd love to go out dancing more but hearts are just too cold now. We can wait till the Millenium as I keep
telling my darling. Sure it's not the greatest thing to say, but it's partially true.

We have things to look forward to, and I can and we can wait a while longer and work right now for the Lord knowing we'll
have our time in the Sun, in the End-Time and especially in the Millenium. For then we can truly work and then rest in the
Lord and have a vacation now and then, and visit people without the hurried pace we are under now. And besides the Lord
will be in control then and not man and his evil laws.

So I don't know if this encourages any, but if you aren't having the time of your life, don't worry about it too much. Our â
€˜time is a comin’ and then we are going to party and truly enjoy ourselves if we just stay faithful now and learn now,
and work now.

1 Corinthians 15:19 “If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.�

I agree Paul  !!