Human and Pyramid Levitation Power

Simple 'Party Levitation' of four people levitating a central person sitting in a chair is PROOF that 'Diamagnetic Gravity
Vortexes' can be used as a levitating force or a propulsion force. So do test and see that this simple experiment works
irregardless of the people doing it, whether they believe or don't believe ....for the success of the testleviatation only depends
on the alignment of the subjects rather than their mental state. if they are human, it works because us humans have an
electr5ical field around us, that odes have power. And this power can be utilized however small by aligning each according to
the magnetic fierld of the earth, and maximized if the genders are complimentary apart from each other so they in essense
form polar magnets. Hence having a neutral vortex in between them, that can and does have lifting energy or leviatation force


The male and female make matching bi-polar magnets as shown in the drawing below. Male could be labeled a positive pole,
while the female a negative or complimentary pole, or vice versa.. Therefore from above, the females of the same gender make
an axis at 45 degrees to the Nouth South  axis of magentism. With the males doing the same thing. SEE Diagram below.each
pair of male and female couples to the left or right, from above, can be seen as on the right on the Nouth - South or East -West
axis, there is an antigravity vortex charge possible when they lay their hands on the central person to be levitated.

 Now, compare the phi pyramid base floor plan to the leviatation alignment above, and NOTICE that they are identical. The
ridges of the pyramid being where the hands of the 4 levitators have extended their arms over the head of the leviatating spot.
This spot being the capstone of the pyramid.In other words, a pyramid by its very exact precise alignment, can create an
anti-gravity vortex that can propel upwards and outwards whatever is over the center of mass of its pyramid center.

Therefore making the Earth itself, the propulsion force that creates the force to levitate. ....A vortex of power from the Earth.

This again confirming that the Earth's magnetism and Resonance , the frequency imparted to the earth by the Lord's Lightning
hitting it, can be used to realease us from its gravity downward, to propel us upward.

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