David Jay Jordan
Human Flight
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High Tech Human Body
Divine Human Wings
Divine Human Wings Implications
Human Flight Design Geometry
Flight Frequencies - Phi Tones
Lord's Sound Interval Propulsion
Vibrating Vowels of YHWH
   Flight Direction via Will
When to Fly (Do Exploits)
How to get Faith
Promises of Flight
Levitation Board References
Secret of Teleportation
Pyramid - Human Levitation
Magic Square Levitation of Pyramids
Levitation using Magic Squares
Exact Frequencies of Levitation F sharp
370-111-33 Correlations to Levitation
33 Hertz     Earth Resonance to 111
33 Confirmations and Gematria of 111
37 to F sharp
Sonic Stone Levitation
F sharp in King's Chamber - 370 hertz
WHY F Sharp in ARK & Sarcophagus
11- 37 - 111 Magnification
432 Harmony of the Earth Series
Earth Resonance   7.83
Earth Resonance to 33
Phi Magnifications 11 - 33 - 111
3 Spirals to Capstone - 33
33 Levels of Bliss
Climbing Jacobs Ladder
We, like angels
shall be able to fly