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Forget it, you are not going to survive. When you gave your life to Jesus, you got ETERNAL LIFE, and you are now, suppose
to be giving your life back to HIM and others. Forget surviving and trying to live on...  'For whosoever will save his life, shall
lose it, and they that lose their lives for HIM, shall save them.....    Especially in the End Times that we know live in, what's
the point of survival. Sure a few people will survive intact, physically and live into the Millenium when the Lord shall rule us
directly HERE on Earth. But, we Christians are suppose to be serving HIM in the HERE and NOW and should have learned to
forsake our lives, and forsake all, all the way to the END. So if you die, so what ? As one of the apostles wrote, 'For me to live
is Christ and to die is gain'. Its not loose words but a principle and atitude we should have. Things will be horrendous, disaster
and death and destruction on every side, we have to be prepared mentally and spiritually, because mere physical preparations
are not going to help that much.
Mind you, we do not want to go prematurely or for the sake of pride or religiousity, etc..... but when the Lord has designed for
us to 'depart'. So lets fulfill our mission HERE on Earth and get busy and stop worrying about tommorrow and what we shall
do, eat, etc. etc.... We will have to learn to live totally by FAITH. Its what the Lord has always said, so lets get that
Sure there are a few physical things we can do, to survive a little longer, but what real advanatage are they. For if we neglect to
go where the Lord has promised to feed and protect us, we and our families will depart within months, when the trouble hits
the fan. Survival homes, food, water etc... will all be a target for vigilantes and the starving etc.... so forget these ideas of
Being in tune with the Lord, and His prophets and Prophecy is the only real survival mechanism we need to have. We have to
hear from the Lord, and flow with the Lord in HIS TIMING and His re-arranged destiny for His people. Study and learn it,
and believe it.

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