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David Jay Jordan
                                                     How to get Faith

Getting Faith is not some mystery, it is really quite simple. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God as the Lord’s WORD
says....Faith comes by hearing and hearing from the WORD of God. (Romans 10:17)

You can’t get it any other way. It comes from the Lord’s direct Voice or reading the direct words of the Lord through His
prophets and prophetesses. Or if you can’t read, then someone has to read it to you, or listen to it on a tape or somehow see or
listen to His literal words.Because just as his Literal Words brought the physical world into being, so only His literal words can
bring FAITH into being in our hearts. It is a real seed that only comes by hearing or seeing and then believeing.

There is no other way to get Faith. It is not magical and you can’t pray for more without listening to the Lord’s Words. You
can’t pray up your faith, you can only believe more of the Lord’s direct WORDS. and quite fighting it, just let them sink down
into your heart as the Lord said. For His Words are powerful and He means what He said, so just believe it literally, and you get
more FAITH

So sometimes you need to get off your knees in so called desperate prayer and turn on the lights and read His WORD, and after
hearing from the Lord and putting the Lord first, then surely  more of our prayers will be heard and answered.     Therefore we
all need to stop looking for signs and wonders to increase our Faith, and just simply read or listen and believe, and then
act on the seed of truth we have accepted, to see it grow. There is no such thing as lazy faith, it doesn’t come from us and our
inward search, it comes from our accepting the Lord’s words given to us all. I mean you name the category if we want
STRENGTH, then look up all the words on strength in the Bible, or go to an on-line concordance and punch in the word
STRENGTH, such as at  http://www.khouse.org/blueletter

Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and guide you, read what it says, and  believe and you will get more strength. WHY
…because strength comes from the Lord and not ourselves. He is our strength and its not in our own might. Quite being macho
even if you are feminine, rely on the Lord and believe and you get STRENGTH.

And so it is with every subject, if you want it. Read about it, believe it, act on it, and you have it. Don't worry about your
inadequacies , overcome them by gaining Faith in the Lord.. It’s right before all of our eyes, so we all are responsible for our own
condition or lack of conditioning. So let’s get more FAITH and progress and get stronger in the Lord and in His LOVE, by
listening to His Voice through His WORDS.

 Believe in the Lord and miracles can happen.....