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                                   How many sexes are there ?

Allow me to ask the question that I hesitated to ask  before ? For it was the actual question I intended to ask after establishing that
"What God hath cleansed  let no man call unclean" So the question is 'How many sexes are there?" The generally accepted
answer by church Christiansis "TWO" and they usually give no verse in the Bible to negate all other answers and make their
answer dictate their whole dogma around sexuality. But I have read too much, and seen too many horror stories on T.V. about real
life instances and circumstances to retain that opinion.  So 'How many sexes or genders are there ? Is it by birth, or is it by choice ?
Can we change it or should operations change it ? Is it by choice or is it by parentage or is it by mistake ?

My only clue, to any that would be as bold to answer "Is that God judges us by our hearts not by our flesh"" For doesn't He allow
more variety than the churches and is more forgiving than the world and more accepting than those that fit their disciples into
such narrow shoe boxes.  Whoops, almost gave away my probable answer, but not quite. So "How many sexes are
there?" in your opinion.

And if none have any, then I won't give you my opinion. ...Jay  Which brought about a response, that I agreed with, so I
More than two ..agreed I used to believe in only two, but now agreed with you, M. when you say, You believe there are more than
two. For YES, Some by choice, some by birth, some by environment, some by circumstances, some involuntary...etc...etc. Your
statement..."God looks at the heart.." says it all for me. That may seem over simplifying, but IMO when things get overly
complicated they lose the simplicity in Christ.  Which is straight from the heart.  For " above all things, (we are told to) love one
Yes, because in my opinion also, whether we have love between one another, and respect between one another is what Christianity
and real love is all about, and our sex, or gender or half gender is not the deciding factor. The Lord looks at our hearts, and not
whether we are male or female, or male on the outside and female on the inside, or female on the outside and male on the inside
or the myriad combinations that do exist.

The case that brought this to mind, is the girl in Oklahoma, who liked girls, and started dressing like a guy to get close to them.
She pretended to be a guy, and played the part, as she felt like a guy inside. And when she finally, had sexual contact with her girl
friend, all was still well, because again there are more than one way to make a woman happy. Yet because some of her girl friendâ
€™s brothers found out about her outward female sexuality, they took her out and raped her for tricking them, and then beat her
so badly she died.

It was a horrible, horrible story, not because of what she and her girl friend did, but by the total lack of tolerance by the red-necks
that actually got them to kill her.

I personally am not fond of overt, over acting, but if people inside truly believe they are a different gender then what is on their
outside, I don't think we should try and change them or force them into compliance. Did Jesus throw John away from him, for
clinging to his breast all the time NO, Did Peter and some of the others get offended by John's youth and apparent femininity,
YES. But did John the Revelator do great things for the Lord, YES absolutely and maybe more so than the other so called big
rough tough fisherman.  For he had a different type of courage that lasted and was useful to the Lord, even though outwardly he
may not have been the prototypical macho disciple, he was courageous to the very end of his life and he gave his all for Jesus.

Are there only two sexes, NO in my opinion, because there are a whole group of people who are born with no distinguishable
genitalia to say whether they are male or female. (Remember, embryonicly, both sexes develop from exactly the same process, which
is why they are almost identical in a normal male and female, nervous system wise and according to the Lord's sacred design of the
one being a mirror image of the other. Neither being greater than the other, but just a compliment to each other.)

These newborns, are neither male nor female, and yet their parents have to decide which sex they want to raise them as, knowing
full well, by the time their child reaches four or five or six, they may not want to be raised a girl , or raised as a boy. They are non-
gendered children, between the sexes and sometimes called inter-sex children.  So are they real and real souls in the Lord's
kingdom, YES, for what has sex got to do with it, the Lord is not a sexist, He is concerned with their hearts and souls and not that
concerned with their external genitalia, or man-made restrictions and man-made categories. For aren't even enuch's another class,
who may not be judged by their sexual deeds but by their other deeds and actions according to their hearts.

So couldn't we go on and on with different classifications or types or transitions, that although not ideal (if there is such a thing
sexually) are acceptable to the Lord even if we in the flesh don't totally understand them. This doesn't mean there aren't
abnormalities nor sexual sins that could be present just as with the so-called normal two sexes, but it does mean we need more
understanding of what is acceptable between two consenting adults if no one is hurt and both and all are in agreement.

Can we stop love, or force love to be the way the majority of us expect it to be. I don't think so. Yet I'm not saying anything that all
things are lawful in sex or in other field, cause that only happens when it is done with a pure heart and a heart of love. So can we
say that these instances or these different scenarios must be altered and forced into compliance to our stereotypes.

No, in my opinion and I think it's the Lord standards of love as well. For I am  saying we should be accepting of heart to heart
contact in different ways than most of us are used to, even though it doesn’t match the norms of the majority. Because all are
different in the Lord’s kingdom and all are individuals in his love and via his Creation. And their God given choices. So how
can we reject those to whom the Lord has cleansed


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