David Jay Jordan
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How did 'Early Church' expand so fast
The Early Church forsook everything and followed the Lord. They took up their crosses daily and followed him to the ends of
the Earth, because it was their motivation and desire. They were not stay at home, play it safe, go to church once a week

They had a deep passion and committment to the Lord. And felt absolutely united to their brethren in heart soul, and body.
They were one and worked together as one without conflict and without competition. This is how the early church progressed so
fast. They had love for each other and they had great LOVE for the Lord. This is why they expanded so fast. They just went out
and witnessed Jesus' love straight from their hearts. They 'went into all the world and preached the gospel as Jesus told them.
They obeyed.

Yes sexual love united them even more when they practiced the love feasts Jesus had taught them to perform. Did they obey the
Lord's commandment to love more than one ? ABSOLUTELY. Jesus did not hold back and did not compromise the message of
love. He lead the way and loved all, and because of that love, that spiritual and physical love, those He loved went all the way
with HIM, whether male or female. It just didn't matter, it was love for ALL.

So, I would say the Early Church expanded so fast because the disciples and apostles got that real love in their heart, and could
not contain themselves and passed on that physical loving touch and watrmth and even spiritual truths to all and any they were
lead to. they had heart and soul and real warmth that comes from reral physical spiritual union. So when they got up each
morning they only cared about passing it on to others. With this kind of motivation, the Early Church multiplied and expanded
quickly. because the whole world wants real love, real warmth, and what greater love is there than real spiritual sexual union.

It wasn't just scripture reading and touching of hands, but the real LOVE of the Early Christians that won hearts and minds and
bodies for the Lord.

Ah sweet mystery of life
At last I have found thee,
Tis love and love alone
The whole world yearns for