Sexual Mysteries
David Jay Jordan's
Honey, Honeymoon, and Sex

 Honey was widely regarded by the ancients as resurrection-magic as it was one of the few preservatives they knew about
along with salt. They actually embalmed their dead in the fetal position, in honey, in burial vases called pithoi, ready for their
rebirth. The pithos represented the womb of the Goddess (which is actually the Holy Spirit but they
didn't recognize Her) under the name Pandora, and honey became her sacred essence.

 This 'bee balm' was thought to raise the dead as the Goddess was considered 'the pure mother bee' They even had festivals
honoring her, in which they made and ate cakes shaped in the form of the female genitalia. Her priestesses bore the name
Melissa, or 'Queen Bee' the same as the Jewish Queen Deborah, whose name also meant 'bee'.

 Bees are still called hymennoptera, veil winged" after the hymen or veil that covered their Goddess Temple and which
separated the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies in the Jewish Temple. The veil was split in two by Jesus, the only righteous
Priest, at His death which allowed Him into the Holy of Holies. And the symbolism is surely obvious for those that know what
the Bride and Bridegroom do on their wedding night and their consummation into total knowing.

 Symbolically the Hindu's spread honey on the bride to symbolize what was to happen on her wedding night and their time
together was suppose to last one moon in duration or a 'honeymoon' of about 28 days. This was the lunar cycle, the cycle of a
woman in her menstruation and reproductivity.

 Because of this 'honey' was considered an 'elixir' that could keep the very 'gods' alive. They mixed it with another ingredient the
same as the early Christian Ophites did when they celebrated their 'love feasts' by ritually having a communion drink first. And
to complete their trilogy they added salt, the salt of life making three profound and important ingredients, in celebration of their
resurrection and rebirth by the Lord......

 This is the honey of life, the sweetest honey as some of you know, and it doesn't bring death but life if we are in the spirit and
sometimes even if we are in the flesh...

 In His Spiritual Service

 David Jay Jordan