Holy Grail, King Arthur, and Templars

The exploration into true history can help us all learn about the past,
the present and most importantly the implications for the future, but
dont just believe me on these things look them up for yourselves  Seek
and ye shall find.

For there appears to have been actually two divergences in church history right from the start, as the disciples, basically
set up outreaches in the Mediterranean and beyond eventually solidifying into the Holy Roman Catholic Church. They
were originally persecuted until the state adopted the church, and membership was required, bringing in the mixed
multitudes and with it, definite unbelief. Of course with unbelief came the need for a hierarchy to dictate and control the
followers, which is what the official R.C. church of the state did.

But way back when there was persecution in Jerusalem and area, another divergence happened, for history seems to
support the fact that Joseph of Arimathia, escorted the Mary's including May Magdalene to France and onto England. The
women were put down by both, Peter and Paul and it appears others as well, so they almost fled with their protector the
rich yet faithful Joseph of Arimathia. They took with them the Grail used in the
Lord's Last Supper. But it was also
purportedly used to catch some of the Lord's blood as it dripped from the cross. For the women stayed close to Jesus unlike
the fearful men, so again this is very possible and plausible.

And when you study English history, you will come across the facts that Glastonbury (or city of glass in reference to New
Jerusalem) historically was the first abbey or church built in England. So it makes you believe that Joseph and the Marys
actually came according to legend and history and actually Christianized the whole country from their sanctuary on the
English lowlands. The archaeological ruins are there !!

Anyway with time, and turmoil the Grail was lost, but with the advent of King Arthur (the Once and Future king of
England according to English prophecies, this Christian King along with His Knights of the Round Table began and built
up Christianity again. And according to historical classics, three of King Arthur's knights actually did come across the
Grail not in their mythological travels but in actual fact.

The most prominent of which was Percival (or pierce the valley compare Psalm 23) Percival as the true adventure goes
meet the Fisher King and his dying kingdom. The dying king who was supposed to be a fisherman (as in a Christian sense
we are fishers of men ) had received a deadly wound to the genitals (meaning he no longer was vital nor reproducing as
directed by the
King of Kings)) and though he and his household was served by the Grail, no one was allowed to ask the
Fisher King any questions. Anyway, poor Percival was invited to the banquet hall where he witnessed all these things
where the Grail served the occupants and the King. But Percival was supposed to ask (suppose to seek, just like we are
expected to seek to find, knock before the door is opened). Percival was suppose to ask "To whom does the Grail serve"
when he saw the maiden serving using the platter and cup, but he never did. And so he lost his chance at obtaining the
Holy Gail. (See Fisher King Letter). Do remember this point

Yet according to world history at this time and later, the Holy lands started to be taken over by the Moslems, claiming the
mount where Abraham sacrificed as sacred for them as well as the Jews and Christians. So the many Crusades started
with many actual Christian knights venturing off to fight for Christian access and even control of the Holy Lands once
again. During this time a group of impoverished knights, who used to hang around the Temple area of Jerusalem and rent
out their security services to pilgrims for a small fee, organized a rather pure and dedicated organization. Their original
name was something like "The Poor Knights of the Temple" but this got shortened down to the simpler title of
"Templars Knights". And just as in King Arthurs days, they were fighters for the truth and justice for all where ever they
found themselves.

Unfortunately as their numbers swelled they like all churches started to lose their furor and their true aims getting more
and more into the accumulation of wealth and power (notice the similarities between regular churches) They had gotten
hold of the Grail, unlike King Arthurs, as well as a few other artifacts from their Christian past. They became the
guardians of the sacred, and became a very secretive organization.

Read about it for yourselves? I wouldn't tell you what they did with the Grail, but they had time to bury it for its eventual
usage still to come. For "To whom does the Grail serve" Any ideas, for does it not serve the servants of the Lord¦and are
not the servants of the Lord fed in the End-Time. (
See The Lord feeds us in the wilderness)

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