David Jay Jordan's

                        Hollow Earth

The Earth is hollow beneath the Earth's crust. This is the domain presently of the devil and his minions. In esoteric
literature it has various names from Shambala to Hades, but Biblically it is called Hell. For if you check through your
scriptures on Hell, you'll soon notice it is consistently said that it is below, the surface of the Earth. The bottomless pit,
is down below where there is no end to its depth because it is in the very center of the Earth.

This is called the Hollow Earth Theory, but it really it's really more of a law because it is so provable by the Bible and
even the Book of Enoch, who was shown such places by the Lord's angel. And all his writings mess exactly with the other
men and women of God wrote. So when Enoch wrote about the caverns and dungeons and places of punishment of the
faceless hordes who rebelled against the Lord, he is talking about hollow places designed by the Lord for the punishment
of the wicked. For it was even here that the Lord descended after his death to witness to the souls imprisoned there. He
didn't go to heaven or outer space but downwards and inwards as the Bible distinctly and clearly states.

So when the Lord said that there would be more and more earthquakes in the End Time (Mathew 24), it didn't mean that
Nature earth crusts would be moving then but that the Lord would move the crusts then or break through the crusts of
the Hollow Earth to cause earthquakes. I mean in Revelations, He literally causes the Earth to split, to swallow up the
flood cast against the fleeing woman (the breakage of the Jordan river's dam could cause a flood, intended to kill our
fleeing Army of the Lord).

And later in the
Tribulation it says that the Lord literally opens up, o allow a huge volcano to pour forth its magma, and
later the earth splits to allow horrific flying beasts out to inflict the
Anti-Christ earthlings. And it says these stinging
locusts, were prepared for just such a time, they are in storage. Where,.... in the caverns below.

There's a huge Earthquake that splits the Mount on Jesus's return out of which springs up a river that flows into the
Dead Sea and brings life. And to end up with the Lord causes the biggest earthquake ever imaginable to strike at the
End of the
WRATH, to totally bring down all of man's buildings. All for none anywhere in the world will be standing as
the Lord will destroy the final Babylon just as He destroyed the American Babylon.

And all of these prophetic events come from the Hand of the Lord and are not accidents nor mere slips of the earth's
crusts, unless you are unspiritual and want to believe in the world and its authority over the Eternal. But everything in
the Bible and everything in the spirit world says that the Lord of Lords is in charge and in control. And even though it's
sad that offenses need to come, they will come and all these calamities will serve the Lord's
Will in His Time and
according to His own Words.

In His Service

David Jay Jordan

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