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Historical Dates Aligned to 2018 (Start of Great Tribulation)
-4004 B.C.     Creation in Six Days -  Creation not Evolution
                    Adam and Eve -  ForeFathers Lineage Start
                          6,000 Years of World History

-2348 B.C.    Worldwide Flood -  Descent of Prophetic Giza Passageway

-1004 B.C.     Opening of Solomon's Temple  -  1,000 Year Division Prophecy

--516 B.C.      End of Babylon Captivity  -  70 Year Prophecy Jeremiah Daniel

---- 4 B.C.      Jesus Birth  -  Christ Triangle in Giza

---29 A.D.      Jesus, the MESSIAH'S Death  -   Daniel 70 Week Prophecy

--341 A.D.     Council of Antioch   -  History Design

-1588 A.D.     Spanish Armada Defeated  -    British Empire Prophecy
                                                Moses 40 Years - Ezekiel 390 Years

-1614 A.D.     King James Publication of Bible  - Great Step, Leap of Faith

-1897 A.D.     Noah's Prophecy til End Time Flood

-1947 A.D.     Birth of New Nation End Time Leader - Timeline of End

             Start of 70 Years of Moses and David -  Daniel and Jeremiah

-1967 A.D.     Jesus Revolution   -    
Start of End Time Children of God                  

-1997 A.D.     End of 6,000 Years -
Time of Jacobs Trouble -   Additional 21 Years

-2018 A.D.     Daniel's Last Seven Years

                       Rise of Anti-Christ  (December 21)

-2021 A.D.    Nuclear War against Three Countries  (Fall) -

-2022 A.D.    
Flee to Petra

-2024-2025 A.D.   5th and 6th Trumpets of Tribulation  -  390 Days of Ezekiel

-2025 A.D.     7th Trump   JESUS 2nd COMING    Star Alignment Timing

-2026 A.D.     Start of Millenial Reign of Lord  (Spring)

      More Detailed Summations of TimeLines                                                     
Prophecy Timelines
To provide evidence that the Lord's Prophecy is an exact continuum, from the BEGINNING of His
Creating All Things to the END, and His future installation as King of Kings over the Earth during the
Millenium, do consider how all the following dates are mathematically connected to either His 2nd
Coming in 2025 or His Ceremonial Rule Celebrations, seven months later in 2026.
The Lord knew the Beginning from the End and gave His prophets exact time frames between His
important human events as dictated by His Words and as written by His Prophets. All events were
controlled and known and allowed by the Lord, so as to get out His Gospel to All the World.
(Mathematical Exact Prophecies in RED)
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7 Year Time Line starting 2018

120 Days until Harvesting  2025