If the human body can be better designed then the Lord failed
and we are but a transition species as the evolutionists believe. If
the perverted evolutionists in their pride, can improve on any part
of us and they in fact can make our genome and image better ….
then the truth is we are NOT made in the
Image of God.

On the other hand, if you truly study the chemistry, biology
and physics of our bodies and realize the absolute marvel that we
are, through the science that the Lord instilled in us, then and only
then will you understand that we are the greatest CREATION of
all. We are the ultimate design, because we are designed exactly after
the Lord’s own body. No part of us is out of place, or un-necessary,
but all the body fits together perfectly, in proportion and in harmony
with the rest of our whole being. Our sexual parts are not just a
fleshly addition that shall be removed in Eternity, but an absolutely
necessary organ and system to propel us into Eternity. For sexuality
is not just a HERE on Earth trait, but a heavenly attribute, that will
stay with us forever. It is spiritual and not just physical. It is for
unity and power, and not just pleasure.

For our women were the very last Creation of the Lord. They are
our fitting equal half that makes us whole. There is no greater temple
than them. For if you see man made structures, and architecture, and
buildings and computers, and technology as greater than our body,
then you still haven’t understood the absolute perfection of our own bodies. And you still haven’t realized that our
spiritual capabilities endowed into us, are the greatest technology ever developed. And that no technology of man can ever
supercede us, and what the Lord created within us.

For with it, we can communicate with the Eternal, from whatever distance, fly to anywhere in the Universe, beyond light speed,
and accomplish the impossible using the Lord’s power within us and outside of us.

There is no greater power than our bodies when we are in tune with our Creator. When we are One with Him, our bodies are no
longer mere flesh, but can pass the bounds of conventional physics into the spiritual world where there are no limits. For with
God nothing is impossible, all things are possible with Jesus.

So if you are enthralled by so-called human technology and are mesmerized by man whose inventions and alterations of Creation
keep making things worse, then you need to study more, understand more, and experience more from the Lord. For you are the
ultimate design of all creation, and no technology can ever superpass what is encapsulated into your human design. This whether
you are male or female. As then no foolish evolutionist, or out of control scientist can intimidate you with their so-called wisdom,
for you will KNOW better. You don’t have to be afraid of their foolish evolutionary doctrines, as if they know true science.
They don’t. Real science comes from the real laws that the Lord created, and the real world whether micro or macro that the
Lord created. And we, because we are made in his exact image, are the ultimate design of all creation. Study your bodies and
marvel at its absolute perfect design, that only needs the Spirit of God to empower it.

Knowing this proceed to  
Human Flight Design if you have already
studied and understood the
Golden Section or PHI. and our Body

Got to fly ...  David

Psa 100:3      Know ye that the LORD He is God: it is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves;
Psa 139:14    I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul
knoweth                                 right well.
David Jay Jordan
High Tech Human Body Design
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There is no greater technology possible than the DESIGN of the Human Body.