David Jay Jordan's

        Hermaphrodites, and Non-gendered Babies

Believe it of not, there are hermaphrodites in the world that are neither male nor female, but a combination of both. And
what you see or don;t see on the outside may be different than what's on the inside. Sex and sexual orientation is a lot
more complicated than the simplistic ones want to admit.And sadly when people don;t understand that there is choice
involved in sex and that the brain is the greatest sexual organ, there is going to be trouble. For it is hard enough to survive
in this hard world when one is either or, but even harder when our brothers and sisters are somewhere in the middle. So
allow me to tell you of the true life, yet sad story of Tenna Brandon, as an example.

Tenna Brandon, was a girl on the outside but a boy on the inside, or she was a girl who liked girls, on the inside. And yet,
this distionction matters not, for  whatever she/he was she was beautiful in spirit but suffered tragically and this goes for
so many other people as well. And how many of these are not deviate but are forced into 'unconventional life styles
because of societies non-acceptance of them.

For again what does sex have to do with it, when sexually we are so close together. Our hearts are the same and
physiologically we are so close in almost every respect that our differences are almost totally magnified out of proportion
to separate the genders. The enemy wants us separated and not united, and I am not talking about sex here. he wants to
separate and divide and has done a great job in alienating the sexes from one another. And even more tragicly, alienating
and persecuting those in the middle.

Strangely the people at the extreme edge are accepted but those in the middle aren’t. Yet the macho men aren't as
macho as they may think and the extreme feminists aren't as feminine and unique as they think. For males have estrogen
and females have testosterone and there is very little difference between the sexes.

And the case scenario I was referring to wasn't about hermaphrodites which are people with both sexual genitalia's but
babies that have indistinguishable genitalia. They just can't tell whether externally its a penis or a pussy, WHY because
the similarities are so close. Why because if you look more closely they come from the same sort of design pattern.

So these non-gendered babies have no gender, doctors can't tell if they are male or female, externally nor internally. And
there is no differentiation until six or seven years later. Yet our society dictates that they must be raised as either a male
or a female, one or the other.

A hermaphrodite on the other hand has two sets of genitalia, although as you allude to, few are true hermaphrodites as
one over-powers the other. yet still it does and can occur which brings us to the real life question ...are they male or female
which isn't a very good question because it matters not. They are both, in their cases at least externally and could do it
with both genders if they so desired.

I mean there are guys with two penises, so which one is to be used. It doesn't matter as long as one of'em works which is
the principle behind true sexual health and happiness anyway. If it works and makes you and others happy and is within
the law of the heart, so be it. For by the
Grace of God, they work.

So what I think I am getting at is that
Sexual Equality is the Lord's principle, for there is neither male nor female in
Christ Jesus, so no matter what our genitalia is or isn't or was and has been operated on , it really doesn't matter that
much at all. It all depends on our free will choices and as long as we choose love and respect and concern for others of both
sexes, whether we are attracted to only one, it matters not.

For sure there are sexual sins, as in other areas of life as well, but so much depends on our heart and our feelings and as
long as they are within the range of what the
Lord accepts then the rest of us should be happy for them that they can be
happy within the bounds of the Lord's love. For one thing we do know is that the Lord loves all of us equally , no matter
what kind of genitalia we have or haven't. The Lord is not a sexist in my opinion.

Love in Jesus

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