Consider Seven as the Lord's NUMBER because it is and was and will be... the VIRGIN NUMBER. Virgin because it can not be
entered by any other number, and when divided into a circle (360/7) yields the perfect phi slope of 51.43 degrees, the slope angle
of the Temple of the Lord, New Jerusalem which has been built for the 'Virgin Brides of the Lord' ( SEE
New Jerusalem is a Phi
temple ) For the Lord has 7 archangels, 7 candlesticks, 7 vials, 7 trumpets, and it took exactly 7 days to create the world... or
more specifically six days and one day to enjoy it and thank the Lord for it.

And because there will be 7 milleniums until the Lord recreates a NEW HEAVEN and EARTH. (SEE
Thousand Year Divisions )
Yet lets also note that the LORD said the
70 years of Moses and David had to be fulfilled. The 7 years and 7 years of service to
secure the wifes of Jacob, the seventy years of occupation of Israel, and most importantly the
seventy years of Daniel. Finalized
by the Last SEVEN YEARS before the 2nd Coming of the Lord. O.K. so let's look at the sacred time period of 7 YEARS. (SEE
Last 7 years)

There are 2556.68 days in a Seven Year solar cycle. Solar meaning the time frame it takes for the Sun to be revolved around by
us, the Earth. Sun representing the true one and ONLY SON...Jesus, our Bridegroom Whereas the Moon, is always represented
as female, for she reflects the Lord's Light and is symbolic of the Bride. But rather than the 27.33 day revolution time around the
Earth, harmonically speaking, her time frame is calculated at 30 days per revolution or cycle.

See and study in detail
.. http://www.ancient- world-mysteries. com/egyptian- calendar. html

For in Revelation and Daniel, they obviously were using the harmonic calendar system and lunar system of one month or one
moon equals 30 days .(Revelation 12:6 14, 11:2,3)

""But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it
not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they
tread under foot
forty and two months. And I will give power unto my
two witnesses, and they shall prophesy
a thousand two hundred and
threescore days
, clothed in sackcloth.""

Forty two, (42) months equals a thousand and threescore, (1260) days exactly when 30 days equals one month.. 84 months
equaling 7 years but needing 36.68 days to make it exactly equal to the exact 7 year solar positioning and time frame. 5.24 is the
number of extra holy-days beyond the normal 12-30 day months and when you multiply by 7 years, this equals 36.68 days.
That's why the Last 7 Years of Daniel is more than two 42 month halves.

And when you put this difference in mathematical form a solar year  divided by the lunar year without the holy-days of
harmonizing with the Lord, then it is 365.24/360 ..... or 1.014. And this is
Pythagoras Comma, or should I say the Egyptian
Comma, or should I say the Harmony of the Universe that the Egyptians knew from the Lord. Why because no truth, is
independant of the Lord as He is the creator of all truth and is THE TRUTH. Yet Pythagoras did learn his knowledge from the
Egyptians who got their knowledge from the Lord.

And why is this 1.014 harmonizing constant so important. Well, in the harmony of music ( or the harmony of the planets and all
heavenly  bodies) there is a slight variance after seven octaves compared to the twelve notes that are formed when paired or
united circles are halved (SEE
Sacred Geometry and Music). This difference that must be harmonized is done with the
Pythaogoras Comma, with an added 1.014 increase.

This exactly like the Lord has put the heavenly bodies of the Sun and Moon in motion just so that there has to be an added 5.24
days per year or 36.64 per seven years to harmonise His Creation of the Moon and its time (Feminine) with the harmony of the
Sun and its masculine time frame. Do you catch it, do you understand that the Lord has literally exactly harmonized his
Heavenly Bodies and not just our heavenly bodies, exactly the way music is harmonized.. . exactly.

This corelating 12 and 7 - 7 octaves with 12 notes, 12 tribes, twelve sons, twelve camps around temple (SEE
Musical Tribes
around Encampment ) And if in a seven year period you say 36.64 is not exact, may I suggest that somehow someway with an
addition of the death and resurrection timeframe of the Lord of three and a half, (half of seven) then after three and a half days,
Two Witnesses shall rise from the dead, and meet their MAKER and so shall we ALL then be risen at His Second Coming

Oh taste and see and hear if the Lord's times are true, and correlated together as music

.In My Opinion  .


  PS) In other words, the Lords speeds and motions and hence time of His Heavenly Bodies perfectly harmonize the Sun, Moon
and us, His Stars.

David Jay Jordan
Heavenly Body Harmonics
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