Goddess Trixie
This happened to me quite a long time ago, but it seems like only yesterday. And because of this, I have continued to use my hair
for healing of our five children.

I was eleven years old and just got a new job from being a nanny for one couple to another nanny job. But this time it was a
Chinese couple with two daughters. They were merchants, but the husband worked at the bank and while the wife managed their
store. So after they left for work in the morning, I was left alone with their two children. Their home was on the fifth floor of an
apartment building made totally of concrete. And even though we were five stories up the windows had bars on them for security
sake. This stopping thieves from entering but also stopping us from getting outside, in case a fire broke out.

My ‘healing hair’ experience happened after a few months with them. In the beginning, they were nice but that kindness
turned out to be just a temporary and a front. Soon everyday when they left, they locked the door from the outside, so no one
could get in. This meaning also that I and the children couldn’t get out, because they never gave me the key to unlock the door.
We were trapped inside.

The neighbors knew about this. Because it happened to all the nannies before me, and there were apparently so many before me.
Yet I was the only one who lasted very long according. This I learned from one of these neighbors who was very open about their
concerns towards those that worked for this couple. They also told me that they didn’t like the way this couple was treating
me, especially seeing I was so young, even younger than most of the girls previously. They said that they didn’t like it when
this Chinese couple locked the door on me and how they worked me into the early morning hours.

Anyhow, one morning when the husband and wife both went to work, it happened. I was just putting the two to bed for a nap. I
just turned my back and I heard this ‘THUMP’. I turned around and saw, the older daughter had fallen from the top bunk,
onto the hard concrete floor.

I was so afraid that she might have broke her skull. I was shaking and shivering. I didn’t know what to do. What could I do ? I
was just a kid. I was so scared, thinking what the parents would do to me when they found out their daughter was dead. Yet right
there and then, I calmed myself down, and cried out to the Lord for help. I said a quick prayer and looked down at the girl. She was
breathing and smiling at me. I hugged her and told her that she will be fine. I touched her all over to see if she had anything broken.
Most of her body seemed O.K. and I only saw a few bruises but on her head there was this BIG lump. And it seemed to be getting

She was starting to cry from the pain now. This time, though I didn’t panic. I don’t know why exactly, but maybe the
Lord just told me to just grab my hair and start rubbing it all over and on her head. She sensed that I was trying to make her better.
She stopped crying and started telling me where it hurts, so I followed where her little finger pointed and just keep on rubbing my
hair on those spots. I also rubbed my hair a whole lot more on her bruised head.

I eventually put her back to sleep and thenreturned, a few hours later. I examined her all over, including her head. But I could not
find any traces of the lump or even the bruises. I was so happy yet still very scared.

I didn’t know if the girl would tell her parents. I was waiting for the worst to come. All day long I was nervous and jittery. I
was sweating and scared out of my life. I was thinking, what if they put me into prison. How long would I live there and what
would happen to me.

Then the parents arrived back at the same time. I was bracing myself for the worst. I already had packed my little belongings,
ready to run if I had too. I am waiting for their daughter to tell them. Seconds tick by but I am still there standing ready to take the
wrath but it didn’t come. The daughter came in and saw me after greeting her parents, looked at me, smiled and then just went
off to play in her room.

The parents had noticed nothing unusual, and even I couldn’t see any marks whatsoever on their daughter. I said a quiet,
THANK YOU JESUS for the healing of this little girl and for letting me use my hair.

So from then on I knew that I had been given power in my hair for healing. It made me also think back when I met the little people.
( SEE Little people posting ) For there also, the daughter of these spiritual little people was touching and admiring my hair, as if
she knew there was something special about it. Or maybe she put some kind of power into it to help me along the way. Maybe
they had gifted me with a power of healing through my hair.

I hope this true life experienced of mine won't scare you, because the Lord can give us, women power to heal and power to survive.
As I hope through this testimony and many others, that we might learn how we can be used by our LORD JESUS to help those
that are need of healing.

God bless you all.


PS) And as David and my whole family can confirm, I have been rubbing their wounds and bruises ever since. It can stop bleeding
and heal bruises, as it continues to work.

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