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Hawaiian  Earthquake  &  Mid-East Serpent Dream

My name is Benjamin, In the light of recent events I have become more aware of myself and the truth, not so much as I was in the dark before but more like things are
becoming clearer. My whole life, I have felt weird and isolated from others. I have always had intuitions and insight on things most never see or feel. I believe God has
had his hand on me my whole watching me, preparing me for what it is I am to do, he has spared me from death many times. You asked for dreams and I was so
excited to finally have a place to share these things with and hopefuly get some feed back. I have placed a particular dream I had in Feb,1998 which I will share with
you Here was my dream:

 In January of 1998 I was back visiting family in Hawaii. I had been in deep prayer for weeks asking God if I should return to the U.S. ,or if I should stay in Hawaii (for
me personally I feel this is the biblical "Sodom and Gamorrah" or Babylon that was foretold in Revelation ).

 On a particular night in February 1998, I slept upstairs during this dream/vision all though I believe I was asleep I was also awake, I could see my surroundings, but
like a 3-D hologram I witnessed this also I felt the presence of 3"beings" in the room with me "guiding” what I saw. In my dream I was in the air over an OVAL shaped
city, I could see water around the edges of the city, and the sky was a light-baby blue. As I looked around I noticed a large building and I could not make out it's size but
it was clearly taller than all the other's that were around. I thought maybe it was a hotel or office building. My attention drifted away for a moment as I admired the detail
in this dream. I could see cars, people moving around.

 Suddenly I heard a loud boom and everything shook my attention was again drawn to the large building. I heard people screaming to me at first it sounded like a few
then hundreds. I realized I was close, Then I was looking at it from a distance and the bang actually scared me. I thought it was an earth quake. Once I moved, I
noticed the same building was now cracked and I saw people jumping from the building. It terrified me it was so real,  I focused in on one woman as she jumped she
was wearing a flowery or multi-colored shirt, black pants and black shoes. I watched her body fall and bounce off the building till it hit ground in a sitting position and
splattered. I drew away to look at the building and I saw it shake and as it did the screams became intense and the building snapped and fell down. I looked around and I
could see, what looked to me like brown water (possibly debris??) and I could see dead bodies in it stiff, with rigamortis decaying.

 The next thing I was over a BLACKSEA (emphasis on the last) and I could see battleships and aircraft carriers heading somewhere fast,and the impression I had was
that something bad had happened. That was the first part!

 I was in a desert walking with someone else, I thought it might be my sister or woman I am not sure I never really looked. Besides what caught my attention was I
saw a LARGE BLACK SERPENT glossy black with a big red diamond on it's head. It was coiled up and it was at a great distance away. I got the impression it was 30
miles away that is how large it was, it looked right at me and I was terrified it stared at me for a moment, and then dropped below the horizon and I knew it was coming
for me. The earth began to shake and I started to run, although I could not see it. I knew it was gaining on me when I willed myself somehow to fly. As I did I gained
great speed and I noticed I was in the "MIDDLE EAST"

 I knew it was because.I saw nomads, people on camels at times vegetation and water, somehow I felt safe for then and I saw a group of tents assembled together like
shops, I wanted to warn them about the serpent so I settled down. At first I was yelling telling them about the serpent but no one listened, after a moment I felt secure,
maybe I had lost it. I noticed people selling different items, jewelry, beads and foods. Suddenly I heard a crash and I remembered the serpent, I ran out in the opposite
end. I came in back in the front, once there I saw the serpent's body half way in it had to have been 7-8ft wide, it was eating people. I saw at least twelve people inside
of it with their mouth's open and faces compressed against it's skin as if they were suffocating. I screamed and grabbed a sickle and jumped on it's back, it's scale plates
were rough, dry, about  4inches thick and hot, when I attempted to cut the people out …. the sickle bent and broke, the serpent then looked over it's left side, at me. It
had a person's body halfway in it's mouth that it proceeded to then swallow almost as if to taunt me...I was helpless. It the roared loud and began to writhe and squirm
under me and the flicked me high into the air.

 So what do you think? I would be glad to share some of the other's with you, hopefully you will get this. Sometimes I don't even know what they mean, but I know I
am different and I know there is something I am supposed to do. In closing I will add I am saved, I have been from the time I was a child, and I believe in OUR God
and our Creator, and  believe that Jesus was and is the Son of God and He is my Saviour. What I have said is true and honest, nothing fabricated and nothing
exaggerated, I have told this dream before and it has and always will remain the same.

 May Our God Bless, protect and keep you keep up the good work and fight the good fight!



  Thanks for sending your dream in Ben, and because I think it is spiritual and you have seen and heard from the Lord, allow me to repost this dream/vision for others,
as I see many corelations with what you saw and the Lord's other prophecies concerning Hawaii, and even the Trumpets of Tribulation the Mid east and the Serpent. So
if any are interested ...

My Interpretation of Ben's Dream in my opinion ONLY