Can you envision it, in the Lord's End-Time Encampment. But also to this graphic I added a number between 1 and 2 after
each 'Tribes' name. WHY, because if each tribe is to be harmonic musically with each other and to the whole, then the
Twelve Tribes would have to match the twelve numeric ratios from one octave to another. (SEE also
Music and Sacred
Geometry) So from music theory and fact, I have shown this harmonic progression twice on the two charts below...
1.000-1.059-1.122-1.189 etc... So let's start with Judah and give it a frequency of 55 hertz as a perfect example, and see
what-notes would be hit as we go around the Lord's Circle. The first tribe after Judah being Issachar having a value of 55
hertz times1.059 equaling 58.24 hertz which if Judah is a C would make Issachar a C sharp. And around the progression
goes harmonically from tribe to tribe, reaching a climax at the gateway of 111 hertz (SEE
27-28-29 Steps)
O.K. so lets next move on to color correspondance for each tribe, as color is determined by its frequency and is also
harmonic, believe it or not just like musical notes. Why, because once again the
Lord as the Creator, made his creation
harmonic in both light and sound. So the white chart below you will see the numerical values that correspond to the
colors as charted in the book Pycho-Harmonial Philosophies and we start by assigning Judah its appropriate RED colour
... etc......
Ratio    Color                               Note  Frequency
1.000 - RED      555,392,958,464  (C)   55.5 hz
1.122 - Orange  623,307,159,552   (D)   62.3 hz
1.189 - Yellow   699,811,233,792   (E)   66.0 hz
1.334 - Green    741,418,725,376    (F)  74.1 hz
1.498 - Blue       832,149,913,600   (G)  83.2 hz
1.681 - Purple -  935,155,386,680   (A)  93.4 hz
1.781 - Violet - 1,048,508,891,136   (B)  98.9 hz
2.000 - White - 1,110,785,916,928  (C) 110.0 hz
C  =  1         - RED
C#=  1.059   -Orange
D =  1.122
D# = 1.189   -Yellow
E= - 1.259     
F =  1.334    -Green
F#=  1.414
G =  1.498    -Blue
G#= 1.587      
A= - 1.681   - Purple
A# = 1.781   -Violet
B =  1.887
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                                         Musical, Colors of our Tribes in the End Time
                                The LORD'S  Harmonic Circle

In the Tribulation just as in the First Exodus of the Children of Israel, we shall have the 'Ark and the Tabernacle' and
circle around it in our respective Tribal origins. Everything being in order and everyone being in their proper Tribe.
144,000) So consider this possibility BELOW of how the Lord shall arrange us harmonically both in Tribes, as
well as in light (Colors) and sound (Musical notes). His whole Encampment will be harmonically ONE in my opinion.
 And the Star of David or Seal of Solomon symbol, the two interlocking triangles, seems to be in fact the shape of this
tribe placement by the Lord  (SEE Graphics
Here ) The Tribes of Israel as in the past, must circle around the
tabernacle, the first tribe being Judah, towards the EAST. In an orderly fashin eash tribe finds its place and encamps
under its
Banner, Standard and Ensign. So after Judah comes ..... Issachar and Zebulun; Reuben, Simeon and Gad;
Ephraim, Manasseh and Benjamin; Dan, Asher and lastly Naphtali. And yet spirally inwards we have the central pristly
Tribe who was in charge of the tabernacle and its ministrations, the tribe of the Levites.