David Jay Jordan's

                   Hand of God wrote Fine Structure Constant

One of the great mysteries of life for physicists is the FINE STRUCTURE
CONSTANT, so here's what the great phsyicist Feyman had to say ....... (From
http://www.btinternet.com/~ugah174/ )


  There is a most profound and beautiful question associated with the observed
coupling constant, e the amplitude for a real electron to emit or absorb a real
photon. It is a simple number that has been experimentally determined to be
close to -0.08542455. (My physicist friends won't recognize this number,
because they like to remember it as the inverse of its square: about 137.03597
with about an uncertainty of about 2 in the last decimal place. It has been a
mystery ever since it was discovered more than fifty years ago, and all good
theoretical physicists put this number up on their wall and worry about it.)

  Immediately you would like to know where this number for a
coupling comes from: is it related to pi or perhaps to the base of natural
logarithms? Nobody knows. It's one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics:
a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man. You might say
the "HAND OF GOD" wrote that number, and "we don't know how He pushed his
pencil." We know what kind of a dance to do experimentally to measure this
number very  accurately, but we don't know what kind of dance to do on the
computer to make this number come out, without putting it in secretly!


  Did you catch it, as it seems the Fine Structure Constant is the energy level
between flesh and spirit and is so awesome in its dignifance and importance and connecting
constance that in Feyman's opinion, it had to be written by the HAND OF GOD

Flesh and Spirit Equation and Absolute 33
    and T.O.E. Equations prove Creation (which includes the Fine Structure Constant)

  For it seems that this constant is the point at which electrons traveling at or below
the speed of light interact with light itself, called photons. So therefore this point
in time and space and energy is when light turns into matter, and vice versa. Or
as Einstein said, with his
E = MC^2,where energy turns into matter, or matter
back into energy. Why because the electron is either absorbing or giving off

  So no wonder Feyman suggests that this constant is written by the HAND OF
GOD, because it was and is and will always be written and constant, because it is
the Lord of lords that forms the light
Isa 45:6
                           That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from
                           the west, that there is none beside me. I am the
                           LORD, and there is none else.                      
                  Isa 45:7
                           I FORM THE LIGHT, and create darkness: I make peace, and
                           create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

And we shouldn't disagree with the Creator mathematically or spiritually or physically


David Jay Jordan