God's Judgments and our Faith
Man's Wrath versus God's Wrath
The Lord is angry with the wicked
No weapon shall hurt us
Trumpets of Destruction seem Natural
Prophecy is positive not negative
We shall fight and die
Bird and Fish Deaths - HAARP
Haarp and Mind Control
How HAARP causes Earthquakes
HAARP and Earthquakes at 1 Hertz
Alignment and Lasers
Star of David - Pizoelectric Effect
HAARP Clouds before Earthquakes
Tesla-Love Making Earthquakes
Reich's Sexual Energy Discoveries
Haarp on August 10th 2010
Haarp caused New Zealand Earthquake
Japanese Earthquake Prophetic Timing
Japanese Envirormental Sins
HAARP, Bankers, Enslavement and Japan
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HAARP is a man made weapon of
mass destruction, that can induce
mind control, weather change,
earthquakes, and more.

But its billion watts is no match for
the Lord's counteracting judgments
and POWER against those of the
NWO that use it. WE not them shall
over come and be victorious
HAARP was and is nuclear shield
Unilateral Nuclear War against America