All the real Christians and people of the Lord have had to gain their faith alone, in my opinion. And yet others
like the fellow below, thinks we can only get our faith by being in a group setting.. So let me respond to his
group faith which I shall put in
RED below, with my response to him in BLUE..

Christianity has never worked in an individual setting. (Absolutely not, the Lord ONLY works through
individuals that have gained individual faith.)
No Christian suffers alone, no Christian serves alone. (Wrong, and
I can't say this nicely and sweetly but bluntly. True Christians suffer alone, choose alone and get the strength
to preservere alone. As a missionary for twenty years I have seen this over and over again and again)
Christianity has ALWAYS been about a community of believers working for a common cause and goal, that is
the Glory of God the Father
. (Not always so, a group is only of value when they have individual faith, when it
becomes group faith it becomes weak churchianity whioch has never helped anyone. All the priophets of the
Lord have been loners, all the saints have had to go it alone. The weak need others and usually their
associations keep them weak, as churches like to keep their people weak..)  
It isn't just people of weak faith
coming together with others of weak faith.
(In almost every case I have seen it is... Churches make sure
people stay weak and unquestioning and submissive to church doctrine that ensures their weaknesses, in
almost every case. Unless you know of some magical mysterious church somewhere that is different. I have
heard of these churches written about, but no one can state what denomination they are talking about.)
If you
have paid any attention to the letters the Apostle Paul has written, you will find that he is often writing to a
mixed body of believers, both Jews and Gentile, both weak and strong, both new and mature.
(And they didn't
have the Word to make them strong, so had to group together to hear the words from others. But now we all
have the word, by necessity don't need to be together if that association is binding us more than liberating us.
And NO church is liberated none, not one. Otherwisde state which one is liberated and free, and teaching and
preaching liberation and witnessing it to others. NONE that I know of, except maybe renegade pastors that
who have taken their small flocks out of the organized church system of the world)

It is this group experience that creates drive. (NO it is individual faith that creates drive and a group helps only
if individuals have experienced the Lord directly and intimately)
A multitude of Christians, again, united
together in faith and prayer, NOT their faith in themselves as a group, but their united faith in Christ.
(Yes then
their prayers can mean something especially if they don't just pray as the church has taught them. if they get
up and DO something and witness and win and are active rather than just praying THEN maybe the Lord
would answer their prayers and bless their actions more and more)
For if they only believed in the power of
themselves in a group, and not in their united effort on behalf of Christ, then it would be completely worthless
and foolish.
(True, but they usually only get the faith to pray if in a group because they usually have no faith in
personal intimate prayer, because they have never prayed and received from the Lord personnally. having
group prayer can give them group excuses if it fails, when personal prayer is direct and heart wrenching
because you have to be true to the Lord and be REAL and stand as an INDIVIDUAL before. HIM. He tells us
to come boldly before His Throne as an individual not as a group. Groups onl;y accomplish things for the Lord
when they are united with the Lord as individuals, and then their united faith can do more than their individual
faith. But just grouping together is not an easy solution for deep real FAITH. Groups are for groupies, and
cultists, unless the individuals within are connected directly to the LORD personnally.)

I've never encountered a church were there has ever been an exception to this. (I've never encounetered a
church where they got anything from the Lord unless they had individual personal real FAITH in the Lord.
Why worship church, why worship a group, why seek a group, when if we have the Lord, we becme a group
of TWO. If we have a mate or another we have a group of THREEand He is in the midst of us irregardless of
large group sizes. Numbers and size is not a limiting factor for Christians. The Lord is not restricted by small
numbers but by small individual faith. We don;t have to wait... to procrastinate because of a lack of numbers.
We can obey the Lord and DO IT, with 1, or 2, that's a group. If we get more, THANK the LORD. )

There is no church that is completely full of wise and mature Christians only. (There is no church where wise
and mature Christians can be liberated enough to break the bonds of a foolish and immatutre church system.
Why worship church and give individuals the false illusion that if they only find the right church then they will
do something for the Lord. NO, get them to have the courage and faith to do what needs to be done where
they are in the circumstance they are presently in. Do NOT get them searching high and low, city to city
looking for some so called ideal dream church. They don't exist. They are an illusion. They are few and far
between and short lived even if a brave pastor breaks away temporarily from the dogma of the church cult.)  

While I may disagree with some teachings in some churches, there is always an ecclectic mix of individuals,
although you may not see that if you only stick around long enough to pass a judgement that they are all
Milquetoast-type characters and move on. Even here with Liberated Christians, there are plenty of us who are
strong in faith and wise in the Word, but there are also plenty of us whose faith is weak and are looking for a
place to re-establish themselves.
( The weak get stronger, not from church but from the Lord, and maybe the
help of stronger brothers and sisters, if they happen to be around. But we can NOT get people to rely on a
dream church system for help. They will not get help from any church I know of. )

And for them it is whom I hope that what I have learned through faith touches the most, because Christ's
greatest command was for us not to judge each other based on our previous experiences in the Church, but to
love one another as we love ourselves
. (Yes, but the greatest love we are to learn is not loving those in a
church system but loving those around us, and loving those that know not the Lord. This is the love the Lord
especially wanted us to learn and DO. Churches frown on such associations, out of their self righteousness
introverted groups, whereas the Lord encouraged it. No church that I know of appreciated the lost and the
lonely, except to entrap them into their binding rules and dogmas or to make an example of one of them.)
don't EVER want them to come of the opinion that the Church is an evil institution that you cannot trust or
turn to.
(I differ, the institution is not of the Lord when it has not the Lord and when they keep their flocks
away from the Lord)
If this was the case, Christ would never have established the Church to begin with.
(More twisting of scriptures to honour and worship the church system as if the Lord himself created todays
churches. He said come out of them, flee from them, depart from them, don't be tainted by them, spit out their
lukewarmness, spew out their hypocracy, watch out for their damnable doctrines, beware of their poisonous
leaven. Where two or three of you are gathered together, there is HE in our midst, and He is not limited by few
or helped by many. It just takes an individual in the power of the Lord to serve HIM, it doesn't  take a room
full of church people. Just one of two with faith to serve Him. Amen ? And if we are so fortunate to find more
brethren to serve the Lord with, So be it. Thank the Lord. Onward Christian Soldiers ....)


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