Let's connect up some mysteries, of the Lord's geographic plan and show how and why the Lord design it this way. For as the
stars show the Messianic Story, so below in our geograpghy and the pillars aligned to him, abd His temples aligned to his

So starting with  ...................  

First consider that the true Great Circle (Original Equator) dosen't connect up the following spiritual points by chance but by the
Lord's Design. For Giza, as we should have discovered by now, is a cornerstone. It is a temple of the Lord's house in minature, a
phi pyramid. The Great Pyramid built by Enoch to be a sign and prophetic marker of the Lord's First and Second Coming. (SEE  
Christian Egyptology ) It being a foreshadowing of the greater Temple called New Jerusalem
which of course is also a golden section pyramid. (
New Jerusalem is a Crystal Pyramid ).

Its diagonal going to the NorthWEST exactly to Stonehenge, another cornerstone of the Lord, exactly on the phi latitude of 51.14
degrees (360/7) exactly 2123 miles away. (SEE
The Lord resides in the North West)

And so where is the base line of the FourSQUARE New Jerusalem but along this Great Circle that connects up the spiritual
centers that now exist on the Earth.

It being just west of Tassili n'Ajjer 26° 32' N 9° 50' E .And again notice the Heel Stone type rock formation and the obvious
alignments involved with the SUN/Son.


And proceeding along this Great Circle, you will surely know some of these other spiritual sites and NOW maybe understand
why they were  part of the Lord's harmonic Earth matrix set in stone along His Great Circle (Probably the first Equator before
the Lord tilted the Earth, to make the seasons.)

You surely know of Easter Island, Machupicchu, maybe the Oracle at Siwa, the Ankor Temples and the Nasca lines which could
have used by the dark side. But lets concentrate on the LIGHT side and the Lord's locations. What are they... UR, PETRA, and
GIZA. Ur was the starting location of Faith as Abraham left Ur, to go to present day Jerusalem. He climbed the ramp of the
Lord, to His Altar and sacrificed symbolically the Lamb of the Lord, who was to die for the whole world. Let's expand that, to
the Lamb of the Universe because there is no other Saviour or Creator in all the Universe.

And what is the ramp inclination to the Lord's altar's but the Christos Angle. (SEE Article and graphics at .......
Christos Angle Bethlehem Grail and Christos Angle Descent to Petra. ) And as you might also know, descending down from
Bethlehem,just outside Jerusalem, at exactly this same ramp angle of 26.3 degrees, it arrives at the Giza Prophetic Stone Marker.  
Bethlehems Latitude and Earth )

For again inside the Great Pyramid, the Christos Angle descends and then rises at this slope inclination to the King's Chamber.
And literally lines up at the Christos Angle with the Bright and Morning Star of Venus and Regulus on His Second Coming. So
these sites are all connected, Ur, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Giza.

And if you know your prophecy at all, you will have realised that we go to the base of this triangle under Jerusalem, between
giza and Ur, under the shelter of his wings, into His ROCK CLEF, His Rock City of Petra. For here at
Petra, the Lord shall feed
and protect us for 1260 days in the final Days before His COMING. For there we shall be on the Great Circle, before we all get
called up the ramp to Jerusalem and His altar, and Holy Temple.
David Jay Jordan
Great Circle connects Ur, Petra, Giza
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