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The Golden Section, Phi, Giza Pyramid
            and your Body
Because Pictures can be worth a thousand words, and it is so important to
understand the Golden Section, allow me to try and show some graphics that
might help you visualize the similarities between Phi, Pyramids and our sacredly
designed Bodies, made by the Lord
 GIZA PYRAMID Proportions
The Golden section can be defined as ......
           "The lesser is to the greater as the greater is to the whole"
.382        is to             .618                
as             .618             is to        1  or the whole (.382+.618 = 1.00)
As it expands, or multiplies it gets greater by 1.618 but it
is still in proportion, and on and on it goes. Do you get it ?
Height is 1.272-----
-------------- Slope is 1.618
Base 1.000
The Pyramidal "Phi' shape of
Giza, gives it multiplicative
power because of its
.382    .618             1                   1.618                               2,618
"Vitrivian" above, is Leonardo daVinci's 'esoteric' painting graphically showing the sacred
demensions of the human body in the classic template and problem called ''squaring the
circle'. As the circle and the square, the spiritual and the physical are equal when the circle
circumference has a diameter of 1 and the square lengths have sides  of 1.272 or the square
root of 1.618 or the Golden Section. Are you catching the connections ?
______________________________     _   Base
______________________            ______  Crown
____________________  __________  3rd Eye
Each step is a multiplication of 1.618 of the last
one or an addition of the last two
Belly Button, point
of  divine creation      
and connection
____________________________           Nose
_____________________________  Throat
_______________________     ______  Heart
____________________     ______ _     Thigh
__________________________     _______Navel
Total  29.034
Our Belly button's height is (17.944 /
29.034 ) = .618
of our Body's Total Height,
The Divine proportion of Beauty (See
What isBeauty)
I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and
wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works;
and that my soul  (and mind) knoweth right
                         (Psalm 139: 14)
Our Divinely Created Bodies
1.272 is
square root
of 1.618
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