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                          PART TWO     
Golden Section Design in our Bodies

But let's now, for illustration and clarity sake, show the human pentagon, a five sided star, with the cross section of a phi pyramid
like the Great Pyramid of Giza. SEE Below

The side slope of a phi pyramid being at a ratio of 1.618 to the distance to its central point in its base ... 1, making its height the
square root of phi or 1.272. And if that doesn't knock your mathematical socks off, consider that these very ratio's are the addition or
the earth with the Moon's diameter. SEE
Phi Graphics of Moon and Earth. What does it all mean ? Well simply put, it means that the
Creator used the Phi template in us, and in His Creation of the Earth and Moon, as well as in the '
Distances to the planets' . We and
them are in Harmony. And it is for this reason that we are called stars in the Bible. (Daniel 12 etc...). We were not made by
evolutionary chance over billions of years of mistakes and then so-called beneficial mutations but at the very hand of God, and '
in His Sacred Image'

Still don't see it or believe it. Then don't just consider it mentally, but do the measuring and mathematics on your own personal body.
See if your navel or point of creation, is at your center of mass, and is approximately at the height of 61.8 percent of your total
height. Measure your bone digits in your hands and see if your sacred DNA (Word) created them to increase in length by 1.618 as
you move up your arm. It doesn't matter whether you are male or female, or what culture you come from, or what race you belong to.
We are One and are human and have been created with the Golden Section right inside our Design.

This is why we are beautiful to each other, because the '
Golden Section is Beauty itself'. This is why, our bodies are beautiful and
why they can be powerful, if we unite with our Creator. And His Name is

In His Beautiful Service


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