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Elohim, gods & goddesses, Equality, and Creation

In the original Hebrew, many of the NAMES of the Lord, were translated simply to God. This over-simplification has caused
confusion in many cases but the translators tried to safeguard the HOL Y NAMES from the unworthy which by scripture was
only intended for the High Priest and others close to His truth and His love. Any vile, vain, or loose lipped heathen who tried to
use these names for their own purposes or unworthily were cursed for their improper usage. Consequently in Genesis, the very
first chapter verse 26, when it says; II And GOD said' Let US make man in our image, and let them have, dominion over the
Earth ". The word God replaced the Hebrew word ELOHIM, which means Gods and Goddesses. For as we should know by
now, scripturally almost every ancient manuscript has the Holy Spirit as Feminine, and even the first He or letter H, in the
sacred Tetragrammaton, Name of the Almighty, (YHWH) is feminine. Similarly, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings created
angels, male and female before He created us, physical mortal males and then females.

This is why it distinctly says, Let US, meaning the male and female creations and entity called God, make mankind not just a
patriarchal male deity. For again, the Lord is called the Father of Spirits, All Spirits, male or female. and again in verse 27 it
obviously is referring to mankind meaning male and female when it says "SO God (Elohim) created man in his own image in the
image of God. ( God gave us his image, our human bodies and looks are a reflection of his holy BODY So how in earth or in
heaven can our bodies be evil when they are made in the very Image of God. ) It goes on saying "Male and Female created He

This could definitely go against your religion or church views or family views, but believe it or not God is complete, He is
adrongenous, composing male and female and being greater than both. He is the Creator of all things and is in need of nothing. He
is not an incomplete needy whimpy male, but Jesus and God who are one, because He and the Father are One and the Holy
Spirit are One, a mystery, we can't figure out because they are beyond us. Yet still we can realize that the LORD is complete, as
in the Book of Thomas, He could create a female out of himself and make love to her if need be. The story rings scripturally true
and therefore probably is true because JESUS is the Creator, not just a blue eyed, compassionate Jew who might answer your
prayers. JESUS is much, much more.

Jesus is not a sexist or a racist. He doesn't favour one sex over the other, or one nationality over the other. Anyone that says
differently is probably raised in the church and retains this churchy unjust patriarchal dogma, that just can't come out of their
churchy hearts. For anyone that knows the Lord or who has become one with the Lord knows that He is not a respector of
persons, and looks not at outward appearances but at the HEART. ( 1 Sam 16) He doesn't look at your sexual organs,
nationality, colour, I.Q., and looks at your Heart. So sorry , male machoists & female chavinists, the Lord of Lords, IMO, is for
EQUALITY and TRUTH and JUSTICE. Neither sexual side can claim the Lord and his favour.

So the image of God is male and female, perfect compliment one of the other. Perfect triangles of the Trinity, making the Star of
David, intertwined in UNION. This is the physical symbol of the Lord, the one Solomon and David knew and were instructed
about and which perfectly shows the equal relationship of the male and female triangles
This hexagram, which was stolen by nationalistic political Israel, is  actually the symbol, the image spoken of in Isaiah and other
scriptures concerning the ENDTIME as our ensign, our standard, IMO. The downward pointing female triangle and the upward
pointing male triangle are equal and both perfectly enclosed in the Lord's circle of protection. So no wonder, the bees use a
hexagonal shape to create their honey, and their elixir, as this same shape dictates the form of most crystals that can only be
capped by the Lord's capstone in a true pyramid (See Sexy Star of David & Golden Section Pyramids)

But if you don't believe in equality and think you are above the other sex, you truly do and will have future problems especially
with the Lord of Lords, because He can use anyone, male or female, neutered or not. for nothing is impossible with the Lord

In His & Her Service

According to the Father, Mother and Son

David Jay Jordan

June 27, 2000