David Jay Jordan's

                          Giza Sarcophagus, Ark of Covenant and NWO Rituals

The Giza Sarcophagus is exactly the same demensions as the ARK of the Covenant because they copied the ratio's of the Lord's
most potent Temple. And seeing that the New World Order Giza Celebrations on Jan 1, 2000,  brought in their supposed rule or
conception, we should also understand the connections between what happened physically with what they were trying to do
spiritually. For without a spiritual understanding into the unseen spiritual world and who we are battling we will be literally almost
like lambs to the slaughter.

So let’s first check their counterfeits and why they have to approximate the Lord’s truths to get their power.  For anyone
can find out that the dimensions of the Giza Kings chamber sarcophagus had exactly the same internal dimensions as the Ark of the
Covenant of the Creator. (
http://crystalinks.com/ark.html )

This is a fact measured by science, it is not part of some New Age dream or shamanistic illusion, it’s Real and beyond the
opinions and religion or non-religion of men.. For as the Bible mentions in Exodus 25:10, the exact measurements and the
corresponding ratios of l 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 cubits are sacred and powerful by their geometry because it relates back to the Lord’s
creative process, which could also be called ‘materialization of the spiritual (unseen) into the physical (seen).’

And conversely as the Egyptian priesthood knew, this interface connective configuration enclosed in a ‘phi’ or ‘golden
section, crystalline pyramid, had power in bridging the physical back to the spiritual, or the dead to the living spiritual world  (which
in their case meant Hades). They used Giza Not for just an elaborate tomb for the dead Pharaohs but for an initiation â
€˜empowerment’ vehicle for their priesthood and a supposed transmission chamber for their dead rulers to stay alive in their evil
spirit world. This was NOT hocus pocus, but a power taken from the geometry of Creation. (See Kaballah & sacred scriptures)

This is why the NWO went back to their Temple of doom, the Giza Pyramid for their internal Not external celebrations at New
Years. For what was important to them was Not what was happening outside for the thrill of the ‘goyum’ but what was
happening inside via their ‘priesthood’. They were literally conceiving their New World Order from the spiritual into the
physical realm. They were ‘Calling down the Moon’ or Horned God .

And believe it or Not, it is a sexual ritual of evil empowerment For again, the NWO merely mimics or counterfeits, the real power of
the Lord. They copied His New Jerusalem’s sacred pyramidal dimensions based on the Lord’s ‘phi’ or sacred
template also seen as the Pentacle. (See
Golden Section Class) and tried to use it here on earth for their own purposes. So similarly
they had to copy, his sacred measurements and ratios from His Holy CITY (Revelations 21) and His Holy Ark of the Covenant.
(the true Coven, the True Testament from the true Seed, ...DNA ...WORD). and even made the King’s chamber the exact size of
the Holy of Holies ‘soon to be built’ dimensions !!! Why, because they have NO Power, other than what the Lord of Lords
has chosen to give them for His purposes (even though they think in their reptilian illusionary minds that they are independent of
His all-powerful rule).

So we have to wiser than the children of darkness or we won’t have a hope against them and the weapons of our warfare are
NOT carnal or worldly, they are spiritual. Our hearts and minds have to be stronger than theirs. And yet realize that all our Power
comes from the Lord

In my opinion,

In Jesus’s Service

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