..The great Pyramid of Giza is known to have been placed at a very special location geographically so that it is centrally
located  between the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. But seeing it is Phi designed, or incorporating the power of
the Golden Section of the Lord, is it not possible that it is also phi-oriented on the Earth.

 Because as we also should know, it could not have possibly been designed by mere mortals, for how would they have put
the earth's  curvature?  Into the indentation of each of its side slopes. The reason of course being that supernatural beings
were involved in its creation. (SEE  Giza was designed by Angels posting upcoming). For they knew the size of the earth, and
the sacred ratios of the Earth and Moon  again being Phi-proportional.  (SEE Earth Moon Graphics). Hence they made Giza,
a small replica of New Jerusalem, which is the Lord's Sacred Pyramid, and Eternal City.

 For Giza is just a 1 to 10,000 scaled down version of the Lord's Temple It being 792 feet in length, while New Jerusalem is
7,920,000 feet in length, both sitting on the Lord's Earth of 7,920 miles wide.

 So the question becomes, Is Giza phi-oriented on the global co-ordinates and was its geographic location a sacred power
point of the  Lord's world-wide grid. Well if you check out its location using Cairo as its position, then its 30-03 latitude, and
then go 1500 miles  due north as if Giza was on the southeastern corner of the huge cornerstone of the southeast corner of
New Jerusalem,. Then lo and  behold, you come to a northern latitude of 51'27" latitude (one degree latitude being 69 miles on
the Earth's surface) So do the math  yourself to check this out.

 But wait a minute. 51'27" is not just any latitude but a very sacred number. It being the exact side slope angle of Giza and of
course  New Jerusalem. Why, because as any sacred geometrist knows, 360 degrees of a full circle divided by the Lord's
sacred Virgin - Number 7 yields, the un-penetratable and sacred 51'27" angle. And therefore we can assume for harmonic
reasons and for the sake  of Power the Lord's Phi based Pyramid has its northern, East West baseline on the exact phi angle of
latitude at 51'27"  (SEE Beautiful Location of New Jerusalem)

  O.k. that's well and good and rather inconclusive although precise, so how does that fit in with London England, or maybe
Avebury  just west of London. Well, London and Avebury more precisely is situated right on this power line grid, and
Avebury is a hub of  paranormal activity. Why, because it is on a power grid of the Lord. But check it out again for
yourselves via this site and punch in  Avebury.

  Notice how it is exactly on the Phi latitude. (As understanding this was the first step we took in seeing these co-relations -
SEE Avebury is a Spiritual Latitude posting, in conjunction with Ross of Galaxy T.V. who is doing paranormal research at
Avebury Castle) Well again, big deal you might be saying to yourself, but is not Glastonbury, on this same latitude? And
wasn't Glastonbury where Joseph of Aramithia and Mary Magdalene took the Grail and became missionaries to England.
(SEE Holy Grail, King Arthur and Church  History posting).

  Pure speculation Right? Wrong, for lets now go back to Avebury or London because if you punch in their latitude and
longitudes as a  starting point and make your finishing point Cairo, let's find put how many miles are separating the two. So
go to this web-site and  select, London and Cairo and await the automatic calculations in exact air miles.  http://www.wcrl.ars.

 Did you do it, and how many miles did it say was between them 2181 miles Right! But then again isn't the Great Giza
Pyramid east of Cairo making this distance even shorter. Hmmmmmm. So what, what does that proof ?

 Well remember, if New Jerusalem is 1500 miles by 1500 miles it makes a perfect square base with corners of ninety degrees,
And taking the Lords equation discovered by Pythagorean, 1500 squared plus 1500 squared = the hypotenuse squared…after
calculations  giving us a hypotenuse of 2121 miles. So with more precise geographical precision, could it not be that these
distances co-relate  exactly, proving that Giza and Avebury or London might in fact be cornerstone sites of the Great and
Beautiful New Jerusalem. Why  because the Lord is exact and precise and Almighty enough as the Creator of all the World
and All the Universe to exactly shape this  worlds continents and place his cities where he wanted them in exact phi-co-
relation when needed because Giza was aligned perfectly Right. Why ? It had to be to receive the power of the Lord's grid, is
this not true, and if you go at  an exact 45 degree angle to the NORTHWEST....(remember that direction) from it do you not
arrive in London England.

  For isn't London like Giza, a spiritual center where another type of royalty that has presided over the world, a lions and
lionesses  maybe not of the house of Judah, but a type of royal lineage, and did not the true gospel of the Creator go out from
London England in times past with King James and his version of the Bible. And didn't His WORDS conquer the world
starting at London.

  So are all these things coincidences, I think not. And wait till you hear about the other co-ordinates and other sacred sites,
because  the Lord has his ways and means and secret passage ways for He is the Creator, Yet still we can find his truths if we
ask and seek,  for as He said, "Knock and the door shall be opened unto you"

 In His Service      

 David Jay Jordan
Giza-London-New Jerusalem-Phi Connection