Can I suggest to you that your geneology means very very little. The cards you were dealt, do not determine whether you will
make it through or not or whether you will WIN in the End. That is determined by your CHOICES, not your genetics, DNA,
experiences, or envirorment. So if you hear any other doctrine that excuses our actions to only geneology, lineage or our
bloodlines, etc... reject it as untrue.

If false science says, such and such gene dictates an action REJECT that false science. Genetics, experiences, envirorment can
predispose us to make certain choices, but it is always up to us what we choose. People and us can rationalize away our
responsibilities in these choices, but the Lord who knows our hearts will not. HE knows our motivations and heart's reasonings,
and therefore we are always responsible for what we do and

For you may hear that false science, says a certain gene in men predisposes these men away from making long term
relationships..FALSE. A gene may alter the amount of testerone in one's bloodstream, but does not make a one to one connection
between stimulus, or envirorment and an ACTION.

Biologically, nerve endings have a small gap bewteen them called the synapsis. If a pattern develops, then that pathway becomes
a more traveled and used hiway for processing input to OUTPUT ACTIONS. But that synapsis is our choices. We determine
the neural pathways and not genetics. We CHOOSE, and via our continued useage or continued choices, start to lose our sense of
decision making because we never contemplate a different pathway neuralogically and morally.

So never excuse your actions to ONLY Geneology or your envirorment. You have to choose what you become. You are not just
a product of your parents, and hence you can not take your value as just a descendant of them, or your nationality or your
religion. You are what you choose, and that is what your SOUL IS. SEE
Your soul is your choices

And so similarly, just because the Illuminati graph their geneologies, to make sure they are totally inbreed together in their
damnable geneologies, it matters not to us. Because we each stand alone as individuals who once we choose the Lord, become
part of HIS FAMILY. And just because some think Jewish lineage brings on blessings and protections don't believe it. It all
depends on our choices and thereby our actions because of those choices. For all must receive the Lord ...

 And then we become sons and daughters of the Lord. (John 1:12). So forget the untruth that the Lord Jesus had children with
Mary Magdalene, it just makes no sense, because we already were created by HIM, and if He produced offspring with Mary,
that would make two classes among His children. Besides, after a few generations after these so called descendants of HIS, their
blood lines would be deluded 50 percent with each new generation, until by now, their Messianic Blood would be neglible. The
Illuminati snake cold blooded lineages can be kept reasonably pure because they select on-going snake partners for each new
generation..... but not us. THANK THE LORD.

We believe in intermingling and cross breeding among ourselves to bring out the Lord's diversity and love.... which creates real
individuals with real parents.So don't honor or worship supposed lineages, each generation has to choose and each person has to
choose. Honor the Lord, and those that have choosen wisely. Don't worship and cow tow to certain nationalities even if they call
themselves Israel, (SEE
One people of God not Two)  for they are not true Israel. Jacob had to choose to be Israel, it didn't come
from mere heritage.

And so after figuring this out, THEN let us CHOOSE wisely.
David Jay Jordan
Your Geneology means Nothing
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