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                              Gathering of the Outcasts Prophecy

To encourage those that feel discouraged because they aren't in a Christian fellowship or a so-called Body of Christ church,
allow me to give Biblical proof that the End Time gathering or Nation of the Lord is NOT in existence yet. Consequently
anyone that feels alone or outcast or out of tune with other Christians need not consider themselves out of the Will of God
as long as they have a strong connection with the Lord and know Him personally. For believe it or not, it is actually the
forsaken outcasts that the Lord calls into his Fold, not those that think they are found. Because friends and church groups
can discard you and leave you, yet the Lord has promised that "He will never leave thee nor forsake thee' (Hebrews 13:5).
He is the Ultimate One, you need to have fellowship with. Communion is with Him, not just with others. Socializing with
others is NOT the solution, whereas Jesus was, is, and will be.

So to understand the Last End- Time movement of the Lord, you will have to understand that almost all the Prophets were
prophesying about the Latter Days and not just their era. They wanted to know and were told about the Consummation of
all World events, when the Lord would finally right all wrongs by his godly and just judgements on the wicked. Hence Old

Prophets can not be considered old and past tense, but present day prophets. And the more you read their spiritual words
the more you understand the Lord's Spirit, (even the individuality and fire of each individual prophet.) as all their writings
fit together perfectly into one cohesive master plan that declares exactly what the Lord is going to do in the End-Time and
how his Army, His Encampment, and His ‘church in the wilderness' is going to come together  

One of the clearest and easiest passages to read and understand is Isaiah 65. Herein the Lord said, " I am sought of them
that asked not for me. I am found of them that sought me not." (anyone that goes searching for the truth, from whatever
direction, will therefore have to find the Lord, no matter what religion or nationality, intellect etc. etc, they start from. The
Lord won't be revealing Himself to the system church folks, but those that are seeking and searching even if in science or
the humanities)
"I said, Behold me behold me, unto a nation that was NOT called by my NAME." (God's End Time Bride is a totally new
nation, not an already existing group or religion) (Isaiah 65: 1,2)

Upon further reading, you soon, see that the Lord is extremely upset with the holier than thou, rebellious, all for show,
overly organized church people because when 'The Lord called they did not answer when He spake, they did not hear".
(They literally didn't learn the principles the Lord had tried to teach them over and over again. This is why 'they did evil
before His eyes' and did of their own free will choose that wherein the Lord delighted NOT.) Therefore they shall leave
their name (whether Christian or Jewish) for a curse unto my chosen, for the Lord God shall slay them and call his servants
by ANOTHER NAME (So obviously the Lord has another name for His End Time Children of God, as He also marks
them with their new name on their foreheads, so we can tell they have been chosen. (cp. the A.C.'s evil MARK)

For even Moses in the Old Testament prophesied about the Lord's final Nation of Children of God stating this exact same
thing in Deut 32:21. The Lord of Lords and King of Kings said, "They have moved me to jealousy with that which is not
God, they have provoked me to anger with their vanities and I will move them to jealousy with those which are NOT a
people. I will provoke ~them to anger with a 'foolish' NATION. (Not a group, or a cult, or a bunch of churchies, but a
NATION with POWER because the Lord is with them. He literally abides with them in the wilderness once again,
inhabiting the exact same Tabernacle that He originally used once again. (See Maccabibes and the Ark on Mt Nebo)

So again this Latter Day fulfillment (Deut 31 :29) means both the Jews and the Christian church people and others are
going to be moved with jealousy against the Lord's Fellowship, this is why over and over, Isaiah says that these forsaken
ones, the downtrodden and oppressed will be rescued from their isolation and trials. They won't be the beautiful people but
the beautiful in heart people from all over the world. They will be composed of every nationality, every age group, every
intellect, every religion because their hearts are RIGHT. They love the Lord more than anything, more than fellowship,
more than fame and glory , more than life itself .

And He shall set up an Ensign (The Lord our Righteousness banner or flag) for the nations and He (not us) shall assemble
the OUTCASTS of Israel. (Isaiah 11: 12) (They aren't the self-satisfied, well esteemed but the lowly and the humble
(Isaiah. 57:15  66:2) For a small moment have I (the Lord) forsaken thee, but with great MERCIES will I gather thee (Hang
on the Lord will deliver us) For the Lord hath called thee as a woman FORSAKEN and grieved in sprit and a wife of youth,
when thou was REFUSED, saith thy God (those that have been ex-communicated by worldly groups will not be forsaken
by the Lord. ...For our husband is OUR MAKER, the Lord of Hosts is His Name and our Redeemer, the Holy One of
(Spiritual) Israel, the God of the whole Earth shall He be called. (Isa. 54:5)

Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my Name sake said, Let the Lord be glorified, but He shall appear to
your joy and they shall be ashamed (Isa 65:5) Who hath heard such a thing, who hath seen such things. Shall the Earth be
made to bring forth in ONE DAY (Yes) Or shall a NATION be born at once (Yes , and it wasn't the state of Israel declaring
unilaterally that they were the rulers of Palestine.

It's a spiritual Nation, totally separated from the world by necessity and totally in opposition to the worldly nations.) For
as Zion travailed (struggled and suffered) she brought forth her children. .(And the nation is delivered into existence in ONE
DAY It all happens when we go into travail, into labor before the Anti-Christ mounts his worldly throne in the Temple at
Jerusalem. For it is then that he will attempt and almost succeed in destroying the power of the holy people (Dan 11) (not
Israel, he's already conquered them, and they aren't holy, only His people that love the lord are holy) This is why Jesus
warned us in advance, that we should flee into the mountains (Mathew 24:15-21)

For the woman (the true multiple Bride of Christ that is married to Him whether male or female) hath a place prepared of
God (Petra?). "That they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and sixty days (3 and a half years)" (Rev 12:6) We
have to assemble to survive the onslaught and evil wrath of the Anti-Christ, by gathering together in His Time NOT before.
Yet the BRIDE must be spiritually prepared for this coming UNION.

For as Amos said, Surely the lord God will do nothing except He revealeth His secrets unto His servants the prophets
(Amos 3:7) For this true Bride of Christ has loved no other and not given herself or himself to any other love. She has
sought the lord for the answers to life and the mysteries of prophecy. She hasn't loved this present life or this present
world, but has been desperately praying for guidance from Her LORD. She has NOT been lazily waiting for His coming in
the dark, and she has not lazily thought that she would magically get enlightened without any effort on her part. She has the
Oil of the SPIRIT encapsulated in her flask. (Mathew 25) She is obedient and watching for events her Deliverer spoke of.
She has counted the days and known the times and seasons, and is READY !!  Will you be ??                   

She asks if you  will follow, and help find his lost sheep. For He has never lost one of His Sheep and He will definitely
save and deliver All of His lambs (John 10) and bring them into His One SHEEPFOLD of the End-Time in His Time.

In His Service

Jay (David)

August 8, 2000