David Jay Jordan's

          Freeing the prisoners in the End-Time

Reading  'Sunshine's testimony'of her imprisonment and hearing of her love for the Lord, compelled me to write this posting. It was
on my heart all day and I had to compose it before I can go to sleep...So Blessings to all that know how much the Lord has freed them
from the prisons of this life and especially all our brethren in jail that love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength …for
you shall humble us in your sincerity and total service to the King of Kings

Because the Bible is literal and means exactly what it says, when reading Isaiah and all the other prophets you might consider that
when Jesus said, that He came to set the captives free that this is literally what He will be doing in the End-Time.

Those in prison know the world and the price of sin or injustice. And some of them while in jail have found the Lord and now know
true freedom despite being incarcerated. They appreciate the Lord and they love the Lord and they will serve the Lord as even Isaiah,
our brother, says over and over again.

But how do they get out of prison when they have life sentences, well nothing is impossible to the Lord and if they are meant to join
the Lord's Encampment for the End-Time, the Lord will get them out either through money, (See ‘Redeemed of the Lord’) or if
they still won't let His people go, then through miracles just as in the Books of Acts or the Book of Exodus. Why because all the
forsaken and chosen and all the outcasts of the Lord must be assembled in His Last Gathering, His Last Nation before we make our
exodus to the wilderness.

So when reading the following passages from Isaiah, do consider the possibility that we shall be given the treasures of darkness (The
Ark and Tabernacle in the cave of Mt. Nebo, and the Grail from its hidden dungeon and other treasures). For we will need some of
these things for the Service of the Lord, but other things can be sold, the gold and silver and jewels not to make us rich, but for the
RANSONING of the Lord's prisoners. For I think we shall literally be buying some of our brethren out of 3rd world and 1st world
jails, and if they will not obey and let our brethren go, then the Lord will deal with them. We won't be violent or take up arms in any
way, but the Lord's judgments shall rain upon them to free the captives.

This is why they are called the redeemed of the Lord, the ransomed of the Lord, in my opinion. And this is why we shall break every
bond and every chain through prayer and our brethren in the Lord whether male or female, rich or poor, from whatever race shall be
joined with us and we shall serve the Lord together.

So if nothing else I would hope this encourages you to read the words of our brother Isaiah, for he truly loved the Lord and believed
in His righteousness and not his own or our own. And he looked forward to the day when we would all be together.

In His Service


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