Forget God, Confessions to Priests, just Love JESUS      

(As Trixie was saying this morning over coffee).....

When I was just four years old, I told my father that I wasn't going to go to confession. I wasn't going to confess my sins
to a priest. "A priest is just a man and not a god. Why do I have to confess before him." And boy did I get a whipping
with a stick. He beat me and beat me and I can still feel its sting. My father was so bad that I said those things against the
priest. From then on, I was worked more and more on the farm, while most of my brothers and sisters did so little work
compared to me. Then again when I was seven, I was expected to make my FIRST CONFESSION, and was forced to go
to church. Yet I refused to make a confession to the priest so I just sat there on that church pew with my father ....
knowing that when we got home, I would be beat again as I did when I was just four. Yet I knew the priest even at that age
was not a god, and did not repesent God, for God was Jesus and He was the one that comforted me every time I got beat
for not going to church. Jesus not a god or God talked to me and was with me in the fields and wherever I went. But seeing
I wouldn't yield to their church and their god or GOD, I became a slave and cast out at home, and being consider as the
daughter of the devil himself, so that I had to leave by the time I was ten years old, and go out alone into the world with
nothing. But the Lord was with me and still is.....

(For further explanations SEE  
New Dawn by Trixie )

So Forget Church and their so-called god-priests and even the word God. Because Jesus is our God and Lord and Saviour.
We know His Name, we know His life and we know His Love. Don't say God when you mean Jesus,
say Jesus, talk to Him, and LOVE HIM. And we are suppose to confess our sins to those we hurt, but we do NOT have
to confess to a Priest or Minister, here on Earth. Confess our sins and shortcomings to Jesus, and ask His forgiveness and
strength to go on in His LOVE.

In His Power  ... Trixie


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