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2 -  Flood Until the Crucifixion

          2348 B.C. to 30.A.D.

There’s a mystery hidden between the timing of the Flood and the timing of the Messiah, when it
comes to the Great Pyramid Prophecy. From history we have established that the worldwide Flood of
Noah happened in 2348 B.C. (SEE
Graphics) and the Messiah was crucified in 30 A.D. Matter of fact
this last date was exactly predicted by the prophet Daniel, who stated that 69 weeks (or 7 times 69
years) would take place between the efforts to rebuild the Temple until the Messiah (SEE
Prophecy). Hence we know the Lord sometimes uses mathematical prophecy to declare His Coming
including the signs in the astronomical sky (SEE
Messianic Story written in the Stars). And yet the Great
Pyramid isn’t that straight forward when it comes to His Timing.

Yes, His exact life story is written in the ‘
Christ Triangle’ from 4 B.C. to 30 A.D. covering His
33.512 years here on Earth and correlates exactly to the Queens Chamber. But to transverse from
4004 B.C. to 4 B.C. or 2/3rds of the World’s 6,000 Year History (SEE
1000 Year Divisions and
6000 Years of History) seems only to be exact in the pyramidology scale of one inch equals one year, if
the Ascending Passageway is extended by an imaginary line to an extension of the slope line of the
Great Pyramid. This (apparently)  equaling approximately 3999.999 inches or 4,000 years, according
to earlier pyramidologists. (SEE web Graphics at

But what about a direct correlation, as if we personally were transversing the passageways from the
Entrance down the Descending Passage way, and then upwards up the Ascending Passageway until
we reached the victory of the Cross. Well, as we found out the Descending Passageway has a
distance of 1536 inches and translates into 1536 years. (SEE
Entranceway to Pit) Add this onto 4004
B.C. and we get 2468 A.D. This I have postulated to be the timing that the 'Fallen Angels' mated with
the daughters of men.(Genesis 6) Add 20 years until Noah was told to build His ARK and 120 Years
until the Flood started, and you have the Flood arriving in 2348 B.C. (SEE
Flood timing Graphics).

But the Ascending Passageway to Jesus death and Resurrection is ONLY 75.02 cubits (SEE
//repertorium.net/rostau/measures.html) This translates into 112’ or 1350 inches, meaning 1350
years more until the Resurrection unless we are missing something. Why because Jesus didn’t die
1350 years after 2348. B.C. But maybe that measurement was inaccurate not including the time in
building the ARK of 120 years or 10 feet, because of the transition from Descending to Ascending
Convergence. And if using this figure of 1470 inches, from Flood to Resurrection. And multiply it by
PHI (1.618) or the Golden Section, which is the very template of the Great Pyramid and the source of
power and magnification (SEE
Golden Section) then 1470 x 1.618 = 2378. And if this is converted into
inches then it becomes 2378 years until the Resurrection. And Lo and Behold 2378 years after the
Flood, the PHI expansion length to Jesus' Death and Resurrection happenned in the year 30. A.D.

The Smaller is to the Larger what the Larger is to the Whole which is one definition of Phi or the
Golden Section then being applied exactly outisde the pyuramid, and inside as well.…. The Larger
being 1470, and the Whole being 2378. This 2378 years being added to 2348 B.C (Flood) and we
get 30 A.D., the timing of the Lord’s victorious death. Coincidence, I think not.. A Phi expansion,
exists in my opinion up the Ascending Passageway until the greatest event of ALL History, the death
that conquered ALL DESCENT and can elevate us to the Stars. (SEE
Phi projection to the Stars) via

In His Service

David Jay Jordan

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