David Jay Jordan's
                                         Fish, Sex and the Bible

If you have studied 'fish' in the Bible, you might soon come to the conclusion that there is something very significant about
them. Jesus, the Creator of All worlds, and all creatures created fish as clean, caught them, showed where to catch them and
even cooked and ate them with his disciples after His Resurrection

John 21:8-10  And the other disciples came in a little ship; (for they were not far from land, but as it were two hundred
cubits,) dragging the net with fishes.  As soon then as they were come to land, they saw a fire of coals there, and fish laid
thereon, and bread. Jesus saith unto them, Bring of the fish which ye have now caught.

 He even miraculously suggested that a man, catch one to pay his debts and said we should be "fishers of men" as well. For
like Moses of old, He wanted his disciples to draw his people out of the waters (Math 4:19) of the world into a new
dimension, the real spiritual realm. We are to be 'drawn out' and 'come out' so we can be useful in His Service.

O.K. so most of us realize that JESUS was a master fisherman, even if we haven't read all the other not so well known stories
concerning fish in days gone by. We might not realize that King Solomon got his back his magical 'Star of David' ring from the
demon, by catching a fish. Or that Tobit was instructed by the archangel Raphael, to use the liver and gall of the huge fish that
attacked him, to bring back his father's eyesight and the other to burn as incense to keep away the evil spirit that had killed the
suitors of his bride-to-be. For these are not fairy tales, but real life adventures based on the real spiritual world, above and
beyond our mere physical dimension.

 Because if you know any Christian history at all, you should know that the Christian Symbol was a "fish". Two intersecting
arcs’ produces a fish shape with a tail that was an image in secretly, recognizing fellow Christians. But this didn't come about
randomly, but straight from the Lord, the Creator of All things

 In Hebraic terms, the original language, from their esoteric manuscripts, creation was an unfoldment of the spiritual NAME of
the Lord via His Numbers, was done through the Vescica Pisces. Again the exact fish shape ….. Pisces, of course meaning 'fish'.
From this special creative birth place came all shapes geometrically and physically, which is why the female gematria is shaped
this way. It gives birth from the Holy of Holies within. For she is the temple of God that He enters symbolically.

This isn't a sexualization of the physical but the reverse, as our genitalia are perfectly designed by the Lord. The one being a
perfect reflection of the other which is why they fit together perfectly and work together perfectly in our ability to obey the
Lord's first commandment 'to be fruitful and multiply'.

 Of course, to bring about life through sex, we usually have to build up to that point through a seduction or music, which is
why the root word for music which comes from the Egyptians meant 'birth'. Music, or the rhythm of love brings on birth and
creativity. (See Jesus's Hymn). When we do our part, male united with female and words or DNA coded words (sperm) are
exchanged, then again these messengers are 'fish shaped' as their tails help them swim upstream to their spawning ground. They
are again in essence, fish, who when they miraculously reach the sacred place of conception within the womb, must again use
their tails to excite and rotate the egg into excitement and a specific 7 revolutions/ per minute rotation. This to proceed the final
plunge of only one sperm through the outer wall of the egg, making the two, ONE.

 For sex is not something the Lord did or didn't do when He was here on Earth, but the very process He designed and ordained.
He created sex. Sex is not a gift of the Devil. The evil one didn't think it up, he only perverts it and wants to take the credit for
it, while pretending to give it to those who are faithful to his God-dam rules that bring abuse, perversion and insanity.

 So in my opinion, fish and fishing is good and their excitement goes on Forever....For like the Lord Himself, sex is good and its
thrill is forever.....

In Jesus' Love

Jordan Fisherman (Jay)

PS. My last name was Fisherman because I used to be an avid fisherman And even a 'fishing guide' here amongst the mountains
of British Columbia, Canada
PSS. If you read Ezekiel 47, you can read a whole chapter about the water from the Lord's throne, living water, flowing into the
DEAD SEA bringing life and a multitude of fishes....Amazing....