Goddess Trixie
Fighting Flying Demons
I was about nine years old, sleeping inside a nipa
hut of bamboo and thatched grass with my brother
and sister in law, who was pregnant with their first
baby (boy). Around eight o'clock I was awoken by
the sound of a bird flying over head except it was the
same high pitched .... gnaw, gnaw, gnaw that we had
been taught was 'witches' flying over head. So I started
praying for their safety, thinking the bird 'witch' would
just to continue flying past them. But this time, instead
of continuing on, it stopped near their kobo (or nipa hut
house) and I could hear the sounds of other birds joining
in on the evil chorus of screeching. I kept praying, but
soon they took flight and came over to our kobo full
force in mass.

They scratched on the outer walls of the house, they
tried battering the flimsy door down but were unable to
open it. They howled in all sorts of demonic voices as
if different animals from horses to dogs to whatever foul
spirit they could shape-shift into. I prayed and prayed,
even attempted to wake up my brother and sister-in law.
But they would not be woken up as if in a deep, deep
coma. I was all-alone, yet knew I had to keep up the
physical fight to stay alive and to keep the unborn baby
alive in the womb of my sister-in-law. For this was the reason why they had come as I knew from hearing true stories from my
very spiritualal  mother. Besides the demons of hell were now mad as hell against me for protecting the unborn baby boy.  Because
they in their demented minds thought the child was theirs.

The more I fought them in the spirit with prayer, the madder they got because they just couldn't break down the invisible barrier
between them and us inside. I never felt any wind coming through even though the whole nipa hut was built to allow air to flow
through, and she was amazingly protected from beneath as again it was just slatted bamboo strips with at least half inch gaps
between the flooring. Yet the demons could not break into the house that a normal person could have broken into with a fist
through the walls or a kick of the all to fragile door. Yet I remained safe from all hell that was breaking loose outside. It went on and
on all night, until just before the dawn's light a huge bird or witch, starting attempting to break through the thatched roof. I could
hear the beating wings, yet the kobo stayed together. When unsuccessful in ripping through the roof, it again when for a final
assault on the front door and only door. It beat and frailed and batterred it but could not break into the kobo. I prayed for my life
and amazingly  I was praying in English, even though hardkly anyone in the area spoke it. It had to be over as soon as the dawn's
first light was coming over the horizon. (SEE
New Dawn )And it was, for this was their last final effort in trying to destroy both I
and the soon to be born baby and they retreated in disgust and whimpered away into the still night.

I was exhausted but still alive, and remained inside until an hour or so later when her aunt and uncle came over to see if we had
survived. They were neighbors not far away and had heard the commotion all night as well, yet knew they couldn't come over to
try and help until the morning's light had come. And to say the least, they were amazed to see that we all had survived.  Upon
going outside the hut, with the dawn in almost full light now, we all could see the aftermath and proof of what had happened that
'evil' night. For there imprinted in an exact circle around the house was the pathways of animals, both hoofed and bird like. At the
doorway stepping stones. Even the imprints of the tips of wings could be seen in the mud because the previous day's rain had
made it wet. And all around the outside of the kobo, thatched fragments of the roofing could be seen, and we all were so thankful to
be alive, having lived through a night of terror from real spiritual entities that had tried to kill them all.

The physical evidence on the ground was proof of what had happened the night before. These spiritual entities did have bodies and
can fly and can shape-shift... whether they be fallen angels, demons, or even possessed people. For there are 'evil witches' and they
do have power. But we that know the LORD have the greater power if we fight the good fight of faith in the SPIRIT. Our power is
much greater than theirs and it makes them madder than hell that we can protect the Lord's young.

And even though not many 1st world brethren may not have had any experiences along these lines, many in the 3rd World have.
We all have to learn to fight the GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH.

Love and Protection in Jesus   .....    

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