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                                            The Temple of Female Sexuality

When Jesus said that 'we are the Living Temple' of the Lord, (2 Corinthinainas 6: 16) .... He was speaking a great truth about a Great
Mystery. All the other temples and tabernacles that the Lord designed were modeled after His greatest and most beautiful creation,
the Female Body. This being the Ultimate Temple, that only He and his followers should enter into to. Jesus is the Bridegroom and
His Bride is us, illustrated by the female human form. And its beauty and sexuality was not designed by so-called 'Nature' but by
the Lord himself.

Don't believe it, then study the proportions of the tabernacle and Temple and then compare them with the ultimate Temple ... the
anatomy of the female genitalia. No wonder we are drawn to it. But do the research yourself, starting with the blueprints of the 'First
spiritual structure' ... the Tabernacle in the wilderness  Hyperlink to the Bible
HERE And then afterwards the Lord allowed
Solomon to build him a more permanent Temple in Jerusalem, in accordance to the instructions in a vision given to his father, King
David. These densions just being a doubling in size of the Tabernacle internal measurements. Hyperlink to Bible
HERE   And so
you will eventually get a basic pattern and proportion that looks like this .....
But you may ask why I showed her anatomy as the archtypical, two standing stones crossed by a dolmen stone. Well, that's
because like the male human anatomy she also has these recesses that fill when sexually excited and alive for mating.
And it is this vulva opening that is parallel to the entranceway doors of the Tabernacle or Temple. For through here, the
worshipper of the Lord, would go into the Holy Place, and if granted passage to the Holy of Holies.

These inner most sacred rooms quarded by her pillars just as is the case with the Boaz and Jachin Pillars of the temple in
jerusalem. The parrallels are exact because the Designer is the same..... and His Name is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the
Creator...   SEE
Jachin and Boaz Prophecy   and   Standing Stones Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye
everlasting doors; and the King of Glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, he is the King of glory.
Selah. (Psalm 24: 9-10)
But we can not worship the building, the structure, or the Temple of God but ONLY the ONE who created it.... the King of
Glory...our Bridegroom and Saviour ...JESUS.

Long Live His
LOVE, and it will because His LOVE is ETERNAL
Now compare the biology that the Lord created in our women, that enables us to obey the first commandment and to be fruitful
and multiply...........
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