David Jay Jordan

        Female climaxing helps produce Babies

Because sex has many purposes, let's get back to the main one of reproducing ourselves , or being fruitful as the Lord
commanded us from the very beginning.

So let's add a little true biology, true science from the Lord to the mix to help us in obeying the Lord IF we choose to have
babies. We can actually do our part, and I don't mean just the physical up and down, in and out motion, because our minds
are actually a part of sex. We have to concentrate and put our whole heart into it, to get the desired effects unless we want
just a half way encounter of the 2nd type.

But for childless couples or those wanting more children, it should be known that if a woman climaxes, then she is much
more probable to have conception. WHY, because her climaxing contractions make the mouth of the uterus contact her
vaginal floor or pool of semen deposited by the male that has also climaxed. In other words, with this drinking of the fluid
of life by the grail or vessel of life, then when she takes up the sperm she is much more likely to conceive and help that
particular sperm along its way to the Lord's miraculous conception inside her womb.

This is why women who are having affairs usually have the children from their lovers rather than their husbands. WHY
because they think romantically and their minds allow them to have a climax when with their lovers but not when with
their husbands. The two sperms are in competition but the lovers sperm seems to win out, and the reason being her
climaxing with her lover.

So with the mate and father of your choosing if you let go, and let GOD, relax and think blissfully, you will actually
increase your chances of conception. Instead of fretting and fuming and being mechanical, try putting your heart and soul,
and mind as well as your body into it for the gift of a life time and that's the creation of a new soul via the Lord's almighty

Love in

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