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             False Science, Crystals and Messianic True Science

In understanding Messianic scriptures, its almost absolutely essential to understand that the LORD is our Creator, and not
damnable evolution, random chance, or uncontrolled big bang chaos. Because true science equates to true religion, as Einstein
proved, and it is totally complimentary to have some knowledge about not only the Lord's Creation, but all the other truths
from economics, history, biology, politics, etc etc in whatever field. For what, we all have to learn originally is that: there is no
truth unknown by the Lord for He created all truths for He is the truth (Jn 14:6). For even when the evil angels after
rebelliously went ahead and mated with the daughters of men, and then disclosed the secrets of the Lord (Gen 6 , Book of
Enoch), they were merely stealing this information for their own twisted perversions and greed. We don't have to be afraid of
science only aware of their misuse of the Lord's power.

For it doesn't take too much intelligence to realize that knowledge of genetics and the DNA double helix, will be misused by
immoral scientists in their naive morality and so-called good intentions of cloning and searches for eternal life. For sometimes
unbeknown to them, they are bing lead by an anti-christ spirit by attempting to recreate that which was perfect from the
beginning. But it isn't true knowledge that is evil, as we are directed by the Lord to love him with all our MINDS as well as our
hearts, besides studying to show ourselves approved unto the Lord of Lords, it is the evil use and twisting of God's truth that
is evil. This is what happened in the very Garden of Eden with the Serpent twisting God's directions.

Matter of fact, the Lord chides us into at least being as wise as the lying, tricky Serpent. For the Lord's people don't have to be
dumb sheep, but should be able to forsee the evil (Proverbs) and to shine like the stars with wisdom. (Daniel 12:3) So we don't
have to honour man and his so-called high technology, for even by using this computer we are not using the inventions of man
or the Devil's principles but the qualities of the organized, and orderly creation of jewels or crystals created by the LORD. The
damnable Devil has never created anything or had an original thought himself, he is merely a counterfeiter and usurper who
wants to steal the glory and beauty of God to direct it either to him or even more insanely to us, fallible humans.

Crystals retain the light or energy or electricity put into them, they resonate this vibration and therefore remember, or almost
have a consciousness of the past that can be accessed which is what makes computers able to function. This isn't a new
discovery of man, but the very essence of the Lord's floor under His throne, the shape of His New Jerusalem , and the walls of
the truly eternal kingdom with its crystalline jewels. (Revelations, Ezekiel, etc. etc.)

The shape of a quartz crystal brings on the power because of its design of the Designer not because of insane science, for there
is nothing new under the Sun as Solomon said. This design pattern was from the beginning, not some invention of the present.
For just as Lucifer was just a mere creation of the King of Kings, and was suppose to be only a Bearer of the light, like a
reflective resonating crystal, so Nature is merely a reflection of the Beauty and Order of Creation and NOT a GOD
independent of YHWH For again, Satin is NOT worthy of FEAR, Respect, or Honour, He is Not the light even though he
pretends to be. For there is no GOD, besides the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, as they are One. For as Jesus, the true Messiah
said, "I AM the LIGHT", not just the visible light, the one octave of the 70 octaves of electromagnetic energy, but ALL the
light. All the vibrations, there is nothing beyond Him, nothing that happens without his permission, in the physical world or
the coexisting spiritual demension proven by Einstein.

Therefore we have nothing to Fear from damnable science, and their damnable eventual leader even when he possesses the
body of the Anti-Christ. For even though the Evil One may honour the God of forces or fortresses, (Dan 11) as the LORD
said in Isaiah, No Weapon (of false science) that is formed against the shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against
thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of th LORD and their righteousness is of ME,(not of
ourselves), saith the LORD. (Isa.54:17)

If we get these basic concepts established in our heads and hearts, and actually have a personal contact with the Creator then
we can have the discernment to decipher the truths of science and lies of false science, the truths of open knowledge and the
esoteric. We have nothing to be afraid of. For in this light, we can then explore and understand the New Age fascination with
pyramids, and how its golden section or divine proportion relates to crystals, and how this same pattern was used for our
Creation in His image. They have stolen the glory of God, it is our duty to return it to Yeshua who deserves the credit and the
glory and the honour. For when we realize that we are beautifully made from the hand of the living God, it makes us more
inclined to serve Him with all our heart, soul and mind. IMO

Don't you think?

In His Service

David Jay Jordan

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