David Jay Jordan

                                       Faith Healing
                                  (Spirit over Matter)

It has to be repeated over and over again, that matter is subservient to the Spirit. Everything that is came from the
Lord's hands, there is nothing that is beyond His control. He made it all, via His spoken words literally. And His spoken
words of faith can change the material world via our prayers.

Geometrically, this was always symbolized by a perfect five-sided
STAR. A star represents an angel and is
interchangeable because the geometry of a star has the ratios of its length exactly matching the golden section which
template was incorporated into our design. Why, because we like the angels are
Made in His image.

So when a Star is placed with two of its feet downwards or standing on two feet with one point pointing upwards this is
symbolic of the truth that the
SPIRIT is stronger than the flesh or the material world. This is a GODLY SIGN or

The Pentagram reversed or having two sides upwards, or two horns upwards is the sign of the Devil. It's evil because his
whole doctrine is that man will yield to the material world of four demensions, or materialization, and allow this seen
world to dominate and control his thoughts and beliefs so that the Devil can control them. For in this case, he is trying
to symbolize that the MATERIAL WORLD rules the SPIRIT WORLD. This is an absolute lie, and which we have to
absolutely resist.

The Lord's Spirit rules not this flesh and blood kingdom. The spirit of a mansustaineth him not just his white blood
corpuscle count. Our health is dependant on the Lord's mercy and can be cured by His Word. Because the Spirit rules
and not the flesh. We may fall, but woe to the wicked disease and set backs of the flesh, because we can rise again and
do battle for the Lord once again !!

We can be wary of disease and illness and accidents but we don't have to be fearful if we do our part. We don't have to
paranoia of the multitude of germs and viruses and bacteria that surround us, if we stay close to the
Lord. And even if
afflicted, we have a balm, we have a cure, because the Lord in His mercy can heal us. Why, because the SPIRIT is
stronger than the

In His Service


PS) Having said this, do take note that I hate being sick, hate pain, the site of blood, and am not gifted by the Lord in
praying for people's healing. Joy takes care of all injuries, and patches even me up before I faint (literally from the
sight of blood). But at least, I know that there is healing in His wings. And I superpray I don't get tested on it, for there
go I except by the grace of God on any affliction, injury etc. etc. I would rather pray for protection (or discernment) than
for healing.

February 16, 2001