Goddess Trixie
A while back, I (Trixie) and my family went for a drive and walk into Lynn Canyon Park in Vancouver. The park is beautiful. It is
like walking into a different world.

I can't believe, this type of untouched place still exists in this modern world. While we are hiking and following the trail into the
depths of this beautiful tall and haunting forest, I can feel the present of the unknown. The more we go deeper into the forest the
stronger the presence I feel. I keep looking around but I can't see anything or see them.

Soon we went down into this nice river falls, getting very close to it..sheer cliffs and deep running cyrstal clear water. But before
we reach the bridge crossing to the other side, I look up and  there, I saw one of them just standing on the branch of a big tree. I can
see him, a Fairy. But not directly only out of the side of my eyes. I stood there a while and I can feel that he too is looking at me
and it seemed like comunicating to each other.

He seemed to be happy when he saw me. The same as I felt. Funny though, because no words were spoken between us. Its as if
we are in tune with each other. I don't know how but I did feel it. My husband was right beside me and he asked what I was
looking at. And I told him that I saw a fairy. He said 'what ?' I said, 'the little people'. But he said, he did not see him and where is
he ?'

I said up on the branch, but yet no matter how long he looked up there he couldn't see a thing. And yet the little people just stood
there watching us even as we walked away. And as it turned back and looked up again to where the fairy was, he was gone. The
feeling of sadness settled on me and I just didn't want to go exploring anymore.
Thank God, my family wanted to go home then too.

Have you ever seen them ? Do you ever feel their persence when you are venturing outside? ...especially in places like Lynn
Canyon, where it is in its natural state ? When we were just entering the park I felt its force drawing me in. It is something, one can
not explain.. It is the feeling that you must experience for your self. And when you do, you will feel one with it. Words can barely
describe the experience, and yet you want its words to flow out of you if people can just understand. We just have to experience
to see.

So I do encourage you not to be scared in venturing out into the Lord's forests and be open to Him and his creatures. Let your self
go and believe that there those that live in His forest. Our civilization is man made but his is natural, and I would rather live like
them. They are One with God's Creation.

Love Trixie

And you might say that fairies and little people are different, but little people have the power to fly, so why can't they be one and
the same. They can transform themselves, levitate, disappear, seem like mist...many things
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