It was 1979, our family was in Zamboanga City, Philippines. There I (Trixie) had a dream, where there was a huge deluge of
water, a big flood. I was on a little floating piece of land. Everywhere around me was dirty water, and I was all alone and scared.
So I kept praying and praying and looking up towards the Sun, I saw the rim around the Sun, but it didn't hurt my eyes. I kept
looking with fascination. I could almost see through it as it seemed like a mirror. It became so clear. And then I saw a was
the face of JESUS.

I knew it was Him instantly. His face was so bright, yet his eyes were so cool. His face wasn't long, just normal. His nose wasn't
large just normal. His face was so mellow. His eyes were piercing, yet loving. His hair was white, and almost like clear crystal.
And there seemed to be a rainbow of colors within His HAIR. It glistened, it sparkled. It was shoulder length and He had a beard
that was quite short. He didn't say anything, there were no words. He was just smiling. But still I understood what He was
saying even without words. "It's O.K. don't worry. You'll be fine, you'll be safe"

I knew He was so strong, and so powerful, yet I wasn't scared of Him He was so meek and so hug-able and so kiss-able, and I
was so happy that He came to me. I forgot about the dirty waters around me and my floating island. I felt like the whole world
could drift away. But I didn't care I knew I was safe as long as I could see His FACE.


The second time, I saw His Face was years later during a national get together of missionaries. I was praying in our bamboo napa
hut, because of all the problems we were encountering and again I saw the Lord in his ordinary garments. He wasn't radiant this
time. Just like an ordinary guy. But I knew it was Him. He wasn't that tall, He wasn't super strong looking, just ordinary. Over in
the corner, just kind of reassurring me that "Everything was O.K. He was still with us and watching over us," "Not to worry"
But this time His skin color was much darker, He didn't have white skin, but it was tanned and brown. His hair was dark brown
this time, His robe wasn't white, but more like light brown. But He didn't stay long and He was gone.

I was so excited. I just had to tell others. And after our evening dinner, there was a meeting with everyone gathered. The speaker
asked for testimonies, and I had to go up. I nudged Jay and said so. He didn't know what I was going to say, but said 'Go ahead'.

So I got in the short line-up and the few testifying before me were telling jokes, but I still didn't care...for all I knew was that I just
had to tell them I saw the Face of the LORD, I wasn't afraid. It was my turn, and I got up and said exactly what I had seen. I just
didn't care if people believed it or not. It was the Lord.



Now, I, Jay (Trixie's husband in the Lord)  will tell you why I knew Trixie had seen the LORD when Trixie told it during
meeting. WHY because she said it in perfect ENGLISH and she couldn't speak English that well back then. She used to have an
accent and messed up her wording sometimes. But her testimony came out fluently and without hesitation and in perfectly
understandable English as clear as her vision was. Everyone totally stopped their laughing and were in a daze of respect. They
couldn't say a word even whisper a word to each other. Surely they were thinking that how could the Lord show Himself to such
a lowly non-important sister when so many great brothers and sisters were around. But no one said anything. There was total
silence, and Trixie  spoke with absolute confidence and absolute faith. It was then I knew that it was definitely the LORD.

Besides, years later when I returned home having thought I had brought back a photocopy of the Lord's face on the shroud of
Turin.   Trixie  said without hesitation 'That's not the Lord's FACE' I was taken back, because I thought it was kind of cool and
probably confirmation of what Trixie had seen years earlier.

But NO, wrong, said Trixie, that is definitely not the Lord's face. I saw it and that image on the Shroud is NOT JESUS. Case
closed no debate. ,,,,Whew, thought I, I guess I better look into this further, and sure enough with further research Trixie was
right, the Shroud image is a total hoax and counterfeit and isn't the FACE of JESUS after all.

So I haven't seen the Lord's Face, but Trixie has and I certainly ain't going to argue with her, because it has been proven without a
shadow of a doubt to me and many of her other dreams have already been shown to be true. So I believe that YES, some of us will
be allowed to see the LORD's FACE as long as we cry out to Him and Hear His VOICE and words and try to OBEY Him.

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