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               F sharp, Key to Kings Chamber

                                370 Hertz to 33 Bliss

The Egyptians found that F sharp is the basic harmonic that bridges together all notes.... and within the King's Chamber
of their Pyramid designed to elevate their dead or living initiates into the spirit world, they would musically play and sing
or hum in F sharp.   ( SEE  
http://seekers.100megs6.com/the%20giza%20enigma.htm .... "Danley took sound
measurements within the Great Pyramid, also known as the Cheops Pyramid, using amplifiers and speakers in the so-
called ‘relieving chambers’ above the Kings chamber. After measuring the frequency generated, (16Hz) which is
below the range of human hearing, he found that it corresponded to the F sharp chord. )

So let's take F sharp or 370 hertz as their base point. This just happenning to have 37 as its base, and 37 is called the
Christ Number, and it is here that the Fiegerbaum Constant between matter and non matter resides. (SEE
37 and
Fiegerbaum Constant and/or T.O.E. Equations)

But an initiate inside the sacrophagus that was sized exactly the same as the Lord's ARK because of its awesome power
capabilities and multiplying effect (SEE
Ark and Giza Sacrophagus) is a human, and as a human is phi designed exactly
by the Lord to be a generating plant himself. Our bodies have a spinal multiplying effect because of its golden section
design. These sections are called chakra's even though I dislike such a word because of its Hindu, tantric origins.
Nevertheless the truth is we are phi, or golden sectioned designed. (SEE
Golden Section Graphics) This in accordance to
the beauty that the Lord's image was meant to have because we are created in His Magnificent Image. (SEE
Made in His

But from the graphic you can see that the base chakra or center is six centers or six steps away from the plane of relection
or third eye level, where all the power from the root chakra would culminate when our spinal system or Ladder to heaven
is energized.

Now don't get squeasy or uncomfortable because we are going from the root chakra to our brains, where we literally see
stars, because this uncoiling of the spinal power or phi spiral does not have to be sexual at all. (SEE
33 Levels to Ecstasy
Light Speed at Bliss) it can be just spiritual or a mix of both.

For if you get far enough into understanding tantric sex (or even sex itself), they ommit all touching in the higher levels
and just concentrate on spiritual union (believe it or not). And so with us, when we absolutely desire to be One with our
Creator and Husband (The Lord of Lords -- Jesus) we are doing exactly the same thing except uniting with the true Lord of
our souls rather than a counterfeit or a wierd guru tantric master. If we have true ComUNION with Jesus as He told us to
do, and focus and concentrate on Him and love Him with all our hearts, soul and MINDS, then we in essense Fall in Love
with Him (SEE
Physics of Falling in Love) and we center ourselves right down to His frequency, where there is peace and
calm and Union.

So what is this frequency..... Well in my opinion, it is 33 hertz  (SEE
Absolute 33) For among other things, it is at 33 hertz
that a charged 'phi' pyramid vibrates at.... and we are the ultimate phi pyramid that the Lord wants to dwell within, even as
we will be dwelling within His phi Pyramid called New Jerusalem (SEE
New Jerusalem is a Pyramid).

For in confirmation phi is 33 using English gematria  because a=1, b=2.c=3, ..... therefore p=16, h=8, i=9 hence phi
equals....16+8+9 = 33.

So let's see what happens to 370 hertz from a F sharp chorus of instruments or voices in the Kings chamber as a person
estactically tries to let go and phi spiral using his sacred body to the point of bliss.This only is possible though with love
because a compression of a wave has to be without friction to be non-destructive .... and so from 370 hertz, he or she would
have to  allow the spiralling down to less and less hertz as the fire arises in the spine.

And with each level or chakra encountered their would be a division by 1.618 of the hertz frequency ... and lo and behold
what does a F sharp starting point end up at but  .... 33 hertz

370  (1)  Root Chakra (Sexual organs)
            370/1.618 = 228 hertz in the next chakra... and on goes the spiral
228  (2)  
141  (3)
87    (4)
54    (5)
33    (6)  Pineal level (3rd Eye - Plane of reflection).

And so in my opinion, this is partially why the Pyramid was used and why our sacred bodies have power if we are aligned
to the Lord. The frequency of the inner King's chamber as discovered by researchers is 16 hertz,  just below the level of
the human ear to hear, and so if charged via a F sharp ritual, my thesis is that it could reach 16.5 hertz and hence its first
octave of 33 hertz in a short lived higher atomic molecular state....within the human brain ... which could project the
human spirit.

And in this way, the Steps up the Grand gallery could be fulfilled literally via 108, 109, 110, 111 hertz (SEE
27,28,29 Steps)
And seeing that 37, 74, and 111 are all related as we have seen on even the
Lord's Magic Square, and that 444, and 666 and
888 are all related to music and prophecy and the correspondance between the Earth and the Moon, then I think there is
something to 33 hertz sexually and spiritually.... and it all seems to start at F sharp .... but much more importantly, it all
has to start with
Real Love. Because nobody approaches the Throne of the Creator without His Son and without real Love
for Him.

In My Opinion

David Jay Jordan
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