David Jay Jordan's

     Excalibur, the 'Sword of the Lord'

The story of King Arthur, Merlin, Camelot and the Grail
was not a MYTH, but a historical period in England. It was a real
period of time with a definite link with our Christian  past and
a definite connection for our future. People tend to think it was
a myth, because it wasn't written down in one history book, But
many  different authors chronicled this exciting time, from different
perspectives, and the story remains as the truth goes on.

For our Christian ancestors established Glastonbury and Glastonbury was real, Glastontury Tor (or Hill) stil rises from
the plains. And Glastonbury Abbey's remains have been found, as well as  King Arthur's bones and his beloved
Quieneviere's at his side. The castle of Camelot is no more, the Knights are no more, and the Christian kingdom is no
more. But it did exist and King Arthur was a real person,  And of course the Grail was real ...  because
Mary Magdalene
was real and the closest of all to Jesus. And from history, Joseph of Armithia was real and he took care of her and
seemed to have brought her and the Grail to Glastonbury,England  (SEE
Church History and King Arthur and the Holy
Grail) And King Arthur and his period carried on their tradition and Christian religion from these first Christian
disciples. So in this way there is a straight line continuum from Jesus on through them to us, and beyond into the
End-Time. For it has been prophesied that, King Arthur will return as the 'Once and Future King' of Britian. This
perfectly paralleling the prophesied 'once and future' King David as spoken about by the Lord's prophets in the Bible.
Because in the future, the
Second King David, who will help lead the Lord's people in the End-time, must once again
fight the Lord's battles.

And if we acquire the
Ark and the Tabernacle as we flee into the wilderness, is it not probable and possible that we also
get the
Grail, as already mentioned, and if war has been declared against us by the Anti-Christ, will we not be fighting
in defense of the Flock in the End-time?  So do we not need Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur ?

King Arthur didn't want it to fall into enemy hands and threw it back into the lake for the safe keeping of the Lady of
the Lake (the
Feminine Holy Spirit). So because the story is true and not a myth, then this part must be as well, and
our Commander in ther Last Days must surely acquire Excaliber. from the lady of the Lake  Don't you think ?

For listen to its power .... from


Excalibur was Arthur's famous sword. As legend tells us, anyone holding Excalibur was invincible, and could not be
harmed. Legend does not explain how Excalibur provided this protection. The actual design of Excalibur was copied. It
was an exact replica of the sword carried by Archangel Michael. As explained to us by Lord Michael himself, one edge
of his sword was Love, the other edge of his sword was Truth.

Excalibur was made under the direction and supervision of Merlin. Merlin arranged a special ceremony for the forging
of the sword. The foundry was consecrated by Merlin. Then molten steel was prepared for forging into the sword blade.
At that time Lord Jesus and Archangel Michael appeared. Jesus and Michael each placed one hand in the molten
metal,  endowing forever the metal with the power of their love. Then the metal was forged by the smiths into the
famous sword blade. This is how Excalibur got its power: the power of Excalibur is Love.

Any person holding Excalibur is affected by the power of the sword. The sword is imbued with the power of love;
therefore, any person carrying the sword is enveloped in love. When you are enveloped in love you cannot be hurt. This
is the sword's magical secret, the power of love. In revealing this secret to us,  Saint Michael and Merlin told us that it
is time once again for mankind to know about Excalibur, and its secret. It is once again time for us to regain our
knowledge about the power of love. You cannot be hurt when you are empowered and protected by love. You cannot fail
when you are empowered and protected by love. Love is the ultimate weapon.

When Arthur carried Excalibur into battle he was protected from harm, and he could not be defeated. When you
surround yourself with love, you are likewise protected. You cannot be harmed. This is the wonderful message of
Excalibur. This is the message which Merlin and St. Michael wish to convey to you now: You are Arthur. You have
Excalibur at your disposal, to use at any time. Simply strap this magical sword around your waist whenever you go into
battle. Draw your Excalibur whenever you are under attack. Be enveloped in its love and you cannot fail. You are
protected by the ultimate weapon.

Knighthood was conferred upon men in a special ceremony led by Arthur. A special moment of this ceremony was when
Excalibur was laid for a few  moments on each shoulder of the man being knighted. This allowed the magical power of
love to be passed from the blade of Excalibur to the new knight. He was thenceforth permanently endowed and
empowered with the sword's power. It was as if Excalibur was a power wand. Each knight was empowered when he was
touched by this so special power wand. This was one of the reasons why knights were so successful in battle.


Surely Excalibur is the 'Sword of the Lord', and surely we need the Sword of the Lord...His WORD to defeat our
enemies in  the Lord's End-Time Battles with the evil one and his hordes. For even though '
We shall Fight and Die',
and yet our
King shall be Victorious

Don't you agree ?

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