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     #1 Apr 30, 2018

As mentioned elsewhere, evolutionist a racist doctrine, that promotes the division of the races from one another, giving each race or nationality the excuse they need to go to war against
their slightly different neighbor. All this because of skin color, eye slant, and any number of superficial reasons.

Similarly evolution in all its perfidious ways also encourages VIOLENCE, through its so called survival of the fittest doctrine. This encouraging the meanest, and most vitrolic, and most
violent society or nationalities can excuse their victories over the lesser races or nations, because they can deem themselves the most fit. This just meaning, they have acquired more violent
killing weapons than their neighbor.

Their progress and advancement is strictly through the sword, and evolution gives them the self assurance that MIGHT IS RIGHT, violence is acceptable over the lesser militarized people
of the world.

Evolution is simply a religion that excuses the worldly violent people to go on plundering the poor, and
believeing they are doing the right thing... by becoming the alpha dogs or policemen of the world.

Evolution teaches racism and violence.... and the evolutionists keep excusing their religion and false science..

#2 Apr 30, 2018

Evolution teaches racism and promotes racism, and HEREIN, we will prove further that via its supposed selection process of violence it chooses the most violent species to continue.... if it
gets enough lucky violent mutations or lucky gun caches

#5 May 2, 2018

Survival of the most violent goes against the Lords Principle of CO-OPERATION and LOVE

Cain killed His brother, Abel, when in competition with His brother

Brothers need not kill each other because we are one, equal before our Creator and are not different KINDS, as evolution teaches and preaches Evolution teaches competition, violence,
racism and results in war and killing as its final product.

The poor shall inherit the Earth, not the meanest and most violent. We don't have to kill one another to survive as evolution teaches, but co-operate and work together for good as Jesus
taught and showed.


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Evolution teaches and promotes VIOLENCE