Creation - Evolution
                        Evolution is a Religion

Evolution is a religion because it is based on Faith and Hope in the unknown and unseen. It's followers firmly believe with
all their heart and soul that their God of evolutionary chance and luck has created them, and they couldn't care less if there is
no evidence to support it because they have absolute trust  in their Deity called, Evolution.

 And although, they have never seen her nor talked with her, but still they just believe and encourage one another in their
worship services whether at university, or coffee shops, or even on-line. They usually can't explain exactly when they
believe, and so direct questions about their faith, to their white coated high priests called scientists. And therefore, religious
evolutionists are usually completely ignorant and innocent of the facts of real science and just base their beliefs and their
love and devotion on the opinions of others. So in this way, they shut down all their mental reasoning and just follow the
flow of their congregations. preaching to the converted. And so without thinking, they become scientific religious groupies,
without any individualistic thinking among them. For none are allowed to disagree with their basic premise and dogma under
the penalty of ex-communication from their hallowed halls of the religious faithful.

Few have ever questioned their faith and so the majority get quite upset, if you even suggest the most basic questions to
them, as it shatters their dreams and illusions. They pretend to have evidence but when asked what it is, they become very
evasive and non-committal, saying it is a "given" of their religion.

They are extreme fundamentalists that have isolated themselves from the reality of this world whether in science,
spirituality, or even with life itself. They pin all their hopes and dreams upon Evolution's mysterious unexplainable ways
and means which will  somehow, someway rescue them from their plight and non-thinking via luck and chance. And it is
almost impossible to carry on a rational conversation with them, let alone a mathematical or scientific one. For with every
sentence they will evoke their faith in the impossible, if given enough time. And when that time frame  oesn't work, they
extend it from not just millions of years but to billions and now trillions of years. Their evolutionary goddess in their
opinion is just so slow, she needs time to do her divine mutations and more time to select because of her lack of

 And yet, they are so deeply in love with their goddess and their religion of Evolution, that's it hard to break her spell over
them. They try to say its a science of luck and chance rather than laws and design, but their faith has no connection to the
real world. And sadly there is usually no way to bring them out of their religious dementia and lack of thinking, and yet as
Christian scientists, who believe in logic and reason and facts and the real created world, we have to try.


David Jay Jordan