David Jay Jordan's

Every Knee shall Literally Bow to the A.C.

The Bible distinctly says, 'No country can fight the Beast' in Revelations and even Daniel. So no one should be under the
delusion that they can live and work with him or fight him from within or without. Sure you might survive a few months
in your local wilderness if the infra-red detectors aren't working or the hunters don't report your campsite in the woods.
But you won't last long. For all must either'submit to the Anti-Christ and take his MARK to show they are part of the new
Messianic Kingdom or DIE. You have to literally bow to the Anti-Christ who will be calling himself the CHRIST.

And because video camera's can easily and cheaply be now installed in your home and on your interactive computers, the
literal IMAGE of the Beast, can not only talk to you and order you to bow. But the Beast can literally be able to see if you
comply and get on your knees. If you don't his evil henchmen who will be called good citizens will come and force you too,
or take you to a public hanging or something similar. SEE
Abomination of Desolations is a Computer

Straight forward and simple, either you worship and serve the Anti-Christ or the Christ. There is nothing in between. So
we have to all choose wisely and prepare wisely, for the words of the prophets shall be fulfilled exactly. Every country in
the world will bow to the Anti-christ and his Power. And every Worldly Knee shall bow to the Anti-Christ. Will you ?

Hopefully not !!!!!!


June 19, 2001
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